Your favourite Subway sandwich

The other day someone put 3 slices of turkey and 3 of ham in my sub instead of two. Don’t know if they were trying to be generous but it did indeed mess up the sandwich - too much meat!

not been to subway.
send me my badge please.

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Melt on wheat.
Cheese & toasted.
Lettuce, cucumber, green peppers.


3 cookies (2 x chocolate chunk, 1 x white choc and macadamia).

Honey Oat
Italian BMT
Green Pepper, Red Onion, Sweetcorn, Olives, Jalepenos
Southwest OR Honey Mustard depending on mood
Apple Tango

I’m sure I’ve posted this about 20 times on here already, so I’m not doing it again I’m afraid.

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herbs and cheese
veggie patty
cheese and toasted
red onion
sweet onion sauce

Go on.

oh fine:

Italian BMT
on Italian
few Jalapenos
dash of ketchup

Wheat bread
All of the salads (extra lettuce and onion)
Honey mustard dressing

dats it

Someone always has to take it too far, don’t they.

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That’s a salad sandwich.

Mr Observant today are we?

That’s Dr Observant, ta.

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it’s called a veggie delite, mate

Anyone had the chicken pizziola? Any good?

Chicken tikka
Herbs and cheese
Pepper cheese and toasted
Tomatoes, sweetcorn, jalapenos, onions
Hot chili and mayo

Steak and cheese
same bread, same veg
Southwest sauce

any other ketchup heroes here?

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Yes. Yes (bit messy, risky for lunch).

Subway breakfast

  • Pretty, pretty good
  • FO, M

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