Your favourite time of day

Starting doing a poll for each hour of the day but it was incredibly tedious don’t @ me

For me it’s about 10 pm to 11.30 pm. 'er indoors goes to bed at 10 so it’s quiet inside the house, it’s quiet outside the house, it’s too late for anyone to reasonably expect anything from me on a weeknight and I can just chill the fuck out until I want to go to sleep. Bliss.

4.30 am to 5.30 am is also a very peaceful time, but if I’m awake then I’m going to be fucking knackered later on so it’s not as good.

I like 0825 - 0900 when I am walking to work through the park listening to a podcast or some music or whatever



I have finished work. There is nothing on the telly or there is the best thing (uefa champions league football) on the telly. Ideal time for cooking, cleaning, reading, maybe a run or some such. Or watching uefa champions league football

Quite like 7-8am, me and the TV do the snooze button for almost an entire hour and have a lot of sleepy cuddly bliss before dragging our sorry asses out of bed to get ready for work

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I love 3am-4am, but I normally have to be asleep at this point, winds me up

  • Dusk
  • Dawn

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Magic hour innit.

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Waking up time, when my wee boy (who will have invariably stripped off his PJs at some point during the night) climbs into my bed for a cosy cuddle.

Hometime, when I get to see my wee boy.

Tiptoeing out of sleeping child’s bedroom at 7pm, knowing that I have the evening to work/ eat/ go to yoga/ chill (as appropriate).

At the weekend, it is sunday afternoon. I love that time of the weekend.

Quite like 4pm on a friday too (or 3pm if i’m being cheeky and going home early.)

Pre-dusk / just after dawn or “the golden hour”. Best enjoyed just having started a bike ride, or having ridden through the night with your pals.


4:20, ennit?



Seems like an inordinately high risk of being in the middle of nowhere when morning poo time strikes.

5-7am if I feel not too groggy. I used to love early morning weekend trains home when I lived in Brum, as it was so peaceful, sometimes a pinky-yellow sky and a nice mellow breeze. I am not so good at that now, but nice when it happens.

Depends what day it is.

Like @anon5266188 I really enjoy my walk in to work, listening to one of the two podcasts I enjoy or bouncing along to some music. Usually feel quite happy at this time. Music’s so good, isn’t it?

But it’s mostly the evening time when I’m with @avery :purple_heart:

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Happened on Sunday morning - found a garage and a lady kindly opened the loos for us. To say they were like Trainspotting is being nice.

Awful, awful stuff.


It’s entirely dependent on what day it is, what time of year it is, and what I am doing. All times of the day have their place. Except mid-morning, which is always a bit of a graveyard.

Love a bit of pre-dawn, me. Eerie blue morning light :ok_hand: