Your favourite track from each album

It couldn’t be simpler! Just pick a band or artist - any band or artist - and list each of their albums alongside your favourite song from each.

I’ll start with Kate Bush:

The Kick Inside - The Saxophone Song
Lionheart - Hammer Horror
Never For Ever - All We Ever Look For
The Dreaming - Sat In Your Lap
Hounds of Love - Hello Earth
The Sensual World - The Sensual World
The Red Shoes - Top of the City
Aerial - Bertie
50 Words For Snow - Wild Man

concerned face


Well what’s not to love?

Just concerning that there’s probably some of the best pop songs of that/any era on that album and you’ve picked Hello Earth instead.

Now I understand.

Don’t be concerned: They are great pop songs, but I never listen to them out of context. I always approach it as a full album. It’s lucid as concept albums go, and Hello Earth is like the denouement.

It’s also very daring songwriting. The verse and chorus are like operatic musical theatre, and then it goes into that creepy Nosferatu sample, and it ends up sounding like something from Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I want from music.

Loads of bits on there are so out of the ordinary, waking the witch, mother stands for comfort.

But the answer is Cloudbusting, man.
Might do a kate bush thread in a bit.


We’re agreed on that. Cloudbusting is objectively the best song on that album. But this thread’s all about personal favourites! We’re free to think subjectively! Isn’t it wonderful?

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I’ll get it out of the way (and rile folk):

Pablo Honey: You
The Bends: Planet Telex
OK Computer: Subterranean Homesick Alien
Kid A: How To Disappear Completely
Amnesiac: Pyramid Song
Hail To The Thief: There There
In Rainbows: Reckoner
The King Of Limbs: Codex
A Moon Shaped Pool: Decks Dark

edit: Fun observation – I really like Radiohead opening tracks. Generally absolute belters.


Blow Out
Planet Telex
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Kid A
Pyramid Song
There There
House of Cards
Give Up The Ghost
The Numbers

We have much in common. Let’s be friends.

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Fake Plastic Trees
Let Down
Kid A
Pyramid Song
There There
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi


I’ll be honest, I was thinking of putting Desert Island Disk, but I recently heard a Nick Drake song that was veeery similar, which put me off it a bit (not because either are band songs, it’s just less original than I thought).

It was this one:

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I went off Where I End And Your Begin when I heard a very similar Simple Minds song. The bad news is that I can’t remember which one.

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Movement - Doubts Even Here
Power, Corruption & Lies - Age Of Consent
Low-Life - This Time Of Night
Brotherhood - All Day Long
Technique - Dream Attack
Republic- Regret
Get Ready - Someone Like You
Waiting For The Sirens’ Call - Turn
Lost Sirens - I’ll Stay With You
Music Complete - Singularity

Cloudbusting is so definitely the answer that this thread needs binning immediately tbh

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Fake Plastic Trees
You and whose army?
Sail to the moon
All I Need
Lotus Flower

I’m not sure you’ve understood the point of the thread.

And if we binned all threads that we disagreed with, why, there wouldn’t be any threads to disagree with!

(Counting 13 songs as an album)

Shut the door
Long division
Rend it
By you
Caustic acrostic
Epic problem

Carry Stress In The Jaw
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Heart Shaped Box