Your favourite typos

any typos that you’ve made just make you chuckle?

I just sent an email signed off ‘tahanks’ which I think has a nice ring to it

I also accidently filled out a form saying my name was ‘Raghek’ instead of Rachel due to messy typing, and I really enjoyed the company then subsequently ringing me and verbally asking for Raghek and total confusion ensuing

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‘Hi Anus’ instead of ‘Hi Angus’ at a job about 8 years ago.

still good.


“Good Morning Shitley” to Shirley, the FD of one of our important clients. When I apologised she said that she’d done it herself so many times that she’d just taken to signing emails off with “S”.



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Obviously not intentional but whilst in a rush to send out as many emails as poss (usually after a holiday), I’ve replaced the ‘g’ with a ‘t’ in Best Regards far too many times.

Also seem to spell my own name with a 4 in it quite a lot. My name does not have a 4 in it.

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Ah yes. My first job was in an accountants office (fun times) and it was in the days before computers (I am old, we know this) so annual reports had to be typed up and proof read. ‘ACOCUNTS’ was a regular typo


‘Kind retards’ :grimacing:

My favourite was from a number of years ago in an obituary piece in our local paper for a veteran athletics coach. They made a typo and then had to offer an apology in the following day’s paper:

'We would like to apologise for a mistake in the obituary for (coach’s name) printed in yesterday’s edition where we described him as “an old waster”: this should have read “an old master”. Our sincerest apologies to his family and friends.


When I was on the UK Partnerships Team at work, one of the London Account Managers wrote Tjamls (instead of thanks) on Google chat to the team. It stuck around for years, and still tickles me when I think of it.


Anglos a Sunday


Once got a press release that somehow managed to misspell Dannii Minogue as Dannii Minge



Someone in the office sent an email around to everyone else asking if they’d like to join a poker tournament that weekend. A director saw it, left it for five minutes, then hit reply and said something along the lines of “You bet I fucking want to join, and I’ll whip everyone’s arse at it too”.

Except in those few minutes between seeing the email and replying, another email had come in from an important client we were trying to win asking if we still wanted a catchup call that afternoon. The director absentmindedly replied to that one instead.


excellent excellent email usage

Once texted a friend telling him that Alex and I were in the act, asking if he’d like to join us.

We were in fact in the Cat, a pub


Used to work with an organisation called CiLT. We had a temp in the office who misspelled it once in the obvious way. Not at all convinved that that was accidental though.

Sort of the opposite to a typo, I once (correctly) typed an email to a customer called something like Genevieve and spell check wanted to change it to Genitals.

‘Can you provide your department headcunt please?’


The name of the fund that loaned money to my employer is an anagram of ‘Arse’. Always need to be careful about that whenever I mention them in an email.

Other than that, to pick up on something @NoahVale talked about, whenever I review my CV or write a covering statement, I need to watch out for ‘trail balance’. One of those annoying ones that a spellcheck would not pick up on.

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My daughter once appeared in a magazine with her middle name reported as Cecil, rather than Cecile.

Genuinely couldn’t describe “Good morning Shitley” to my partner, couldn’t get it out without laughing.

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