Your favourite way to prove you're not a robot

One of those options is a bit more Thursday than the others.


Is it true with those Captcha things that you’re helping Google to analyse data or is that bollocks?

I think that used to be true. I think it was training software to read scanned pages from books. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it.

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Yeah that was it.

There was a period too where the Captcha was a picture of a blurry house number from a Google streetview image which definitely felt a bit like you were helping the machines to identify the dissidents.

I assumed that the obsessions with identifying road related items at the moment was to do with self driving car AI, but that could be complete rubbish.

I usually just scream “Don’t shoot me, I’m obviously the real drspaceman, shoot him!”, and hope for the best

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By answering this simple question

  • I, Robert
  • I, Robot

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Have you ever been confused for a robot before?
  • I have failed one of those I Am Not A Robot checks before
  • I have never failed one of those I Am Not A Robot checks before
  • I have never taken one of those I Am Not A Robot checks before

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Got to be the Google Click all the squares that have traffic lights in them one.

Love to do unpaid labour for a foreign corporation before being allowed on the internet.


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[squinting] how many “crosswalks”?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • do you mean “zebra crossing”?

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The traffic light ones are the fuckers. Do you count the pole or just the signal head?

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There’s a fourth (centre) but I think three is the right answer

Signal head only, poles are multi use and therefore not traffic lights beep boop

I have been accused of being a robot so many times in my life that sometimes I find these things a bit offensive tbh.

When selecting the ones with traffic lights, do you only include the squares with the bulbs themselves, or the other parts of the traffic light also?

  • Literally just the light itself
  • The case that holds the bulbs and the lights within it only
  • Everything, including the apparatus which holds the traffic light up
  • Other

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A1 and B1 here (where letters are rows and numbers are columns)

B1 and B2 here (ignoring the little bit in C1)

Trickier one, this, but I’d probably go A2, B2, B4, D4 (maybe C4 too)

You sunk my battleship!


I would include partials but not support apparatus beep boop

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