Your feet

If you work from home

How are they?

Do you wear footwear at home?

My heel is hurting

Got two ingrown toenails, somehow. Don’t really leave the house so don’t usually wear shoes or socks now.

Shoes in the house yes

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got some sliders as my feet were starting to hurt on the hard floor

Interesting question. I had some problems with my feet before lockdown, but they definitely seem worse over the last year. Hard to tell if that would have happened anyway though.

I’ve always suffered from cramp in both feet if they’re cold. I have something growing between the fourth and little toe of my left foot that’s been there for years; tough skin that occasionally peels, and I also have pain down the outside of that foot which varies in severity.

Also despite (because?) doing quite a lot of cycling lately my right leg is really weak when I lift it, to the extent that even putting a sock on in the morning can be difficult, with pain down the muscle at the front from knee to hip. Was wondering if that might be arthritis, but it’s odd that it seems to hurt in the muscle.

So when this is all done I think I need to go to the doc.

[wear socks and slippers at all times indoors]

Plantar fascitis in my right foot bad

Growing up in an Asian household: Wearing outside shoes in the house, oh you better believe that’s a paddlin’

Started wearing crocs with my scrubs at work as well like a true fashionista. So trainer use has been minimalised bigtime over the last year

Oh really?

Socks and slippers. I like to keep it cosy

I’ve been rocking a standing desk since WFH so I have to wear my running shoes for cushioning or my heels and knees are in agony

Slippers. Sometimes with socks.

Mighty fine. Not playing football for 3 months does have benefits after all.

Socks. Plus slippers while the underfloor heating was broken.

Tell you who must be raking it in since the pandemic: Big Slipper

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@anon29812515 got me hooked on the pricey stuff. He is a shill for Big Slipper.

My feet are disgusting. That much has not changed since last year.

I wear shoes in the house because the floor is cold and I don’t like my slippers that much.

I really wanted a nice fancy pair of slippers in January but all of the ones I wanted were sold out so I’m currently rocking a pair from Morrisons that have soles made of paper.

Should I get these?

  • Yeah
  • No

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Socks and slippers

They are fine, no complaints at present

Got a bit of a bunion on my left. Thanks for asking.

I’ve got a bottle of newcy brown embedded in my foot. Doctor says I’ve got an ingrowing toon ale