Your financial thresholds for returns/refunds/exchanges etc

This could be a poll thread but I’m not sure how best to structure it, feel free to get a little poll going if you feel that way inclined.

Otherwise, please use this thread to discuss your thresholds for going to sort out a refund/return/exchange on an item you’ve purchased.

I am extremely stupid about things like this and have missed out on probably somewhere around the £150 mark in refunds collectively in my lifetime as a result of laziness.

My threshold for an in-store return is dependent on whether I can factor it into my daily routine, eg I go past the shop I bought some jeans yesterday every day so going in to exchange them will not be an issue. If I have to go out of my way I’d say I’m probably not going to bother for anything up to £12

My online threshold is absurd however, if I have to go to the post office I am unlikely to return anything maybe even up to the £20 mark. Ironically I still spend seemingly every waking moment of my life in a post office queue to process returns for my beloved partner for whom the, buy-clothes-online-and-then-return-them cycle is part of her normal, weekly lifestyle for some inexplicable reason.

Please have fun discussing this topic.

I’m currently about £700 in the hole on expenses at work. The old card gets deactivated tomorrow and I have no idea if that’s going to prevent me from claiming it back. Probably won’t do it today.

I am an actual idiot.

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Thanks for taking the heat off me by being an extremely big idiot.


I always seem to end up returning stuff to TK Maxx.
wondering if it’s influenced by the big red receipts they have
don’t mind though cos it’s a nice place to go


At any given moment of my life there are at least three ASOS packages awaiting return somewhere in my abode. I truly loathe them.

Good thread. The Delay Repay compensation on my train ticket for work is about £3 if I am more than 30 minutes late. This is below my threshold. It’s such a ballache of a procedure (get a form, complete it, attach the ticket, wait aaaages) that I don’t usually bother for anything lower than about £10.

I’m really bad for sending stuff back to Thread, even though they include a return label in the package and I walk past a post office every morning.

The fuck is wrong with me.

You know you don’t need to go to a post office for this don’t you?

Collect+ outlets are pretty much everywhere, and there’s usually not a 30 minute wait like there is at most post offices.

It sure is! If you happen to have an absolute mug of a bf who will cart them off to the post office on your behalf at alarmingly regular intervals…


Don’t think I haven’t tried to make this case before…

I really should sort out a way of automating claims against Great Northern. They have a fifteen minute threshold now, so I’m probably losing out on quite a bit each week by never ever bothering.

When I was made redundant from my last place of work I slapped in an expenses claim for all the taxis I’d taken when I’d had to work beyond the last tube departure.

There was over a grand that they then felt obliged to pay me. Got a nice apology from one of the directors who had been kept totally unaware of the situation.

Yep, exactly. Though - maybe if everyone just started bombarding them with Delay Repay requests for £1.50, they’d soon start thinking about automating their process.

You sound like a pro. I’ll PM you my Concur login details.

These sorts of discussions become quite tricky to sell when she spends her days educating children, her evening’s preparing the education and the weekends marking the education whilst I spend my day “working” on a Football Management simulation…


Fucks sake epimer, sort it out. Send them over to me and I’ll do it for a 10% cut.

I think this should be a new thread. Xylo’s Motivational Messages. Get right up in the camera like Terry Crews or someone


I’d like you to record a motivational video message for Ant to play back to her.


Thing is, right, if I scan in/photograph all my receipts to send you then I’m already halfway done.


Can’t remember the last time I returned anything. Must be at least 5 years ago (I did ask for a refund after being sent the wrong video game from a second hand seller on ebay (he sent me fight night champion in the box for red dead redemption (he refunded me and I ended up borrowing RDR from a friend ( I played fight night champion a couple of times but it wasn’t very good))))