Your financial thresholds for returns/refunds/exchanges etc


Fucks sake epimer, sort it out. Send them over to me and I’ll do it for a 10% cut.

Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)

I think this should be a new thread. Xylo’s Motivational Messages. Get right up in the camera like Terry Crews or someone


I’d like you to record a motivational video message for Ant to play back to her.


Thing is, right, if I scan in/photograph all my receipts to send you then I’m already halfway done.



Can’t remember the last time I returned anything. Must be at least 5 years ago (I did ask for a refund after being sent the wrong video game from a second hand seller on ebay (he sent me fight night champion in the box for red dead redemption (he refunded me and I ended up borrowing RDR from a friend ( I played fight night champion a couple of times but it wasn’t very good))))


:smiley: I dread to think how many clothes there would be in her place if I wasn’t physically removing them regularly.

All joking aside, I obviously don’t mind running this errand occasionally, I cannot fathom the mindset of deliberately ordering multiple versions of a thing knowing full well that an errand will be required though but, you know, people live their lives in different ways innit.


well yeah that bit is fine, but not if you only do it because you have rent-a-mug ready to go


Our lot already have an online system… Just need to write some software that scans my oyster journey history, looks for late trains, takes a screenshot and fills out the form for me… Maybe I’ve given myself something to do for the rest of the year.


You could not post on DiS today and spend the time doing your expenses instead. £700 not to DiS!


Very very rarely buy things that might need returning “in store” – would factor that in before purchasing and make plans accordingly, ie try stuff on before buying, read a review thoroughly, etc.

Online things: would return anything above about £5 I think. The Post Office is right next to work and if there’s free pre-paid returns then it’s a no brainer as I can stroll past the queue and dump it on the fast track counter.


In fairness, she always sets out to do it herself but time gets away from her very regularly in her line of work, I’d be a lot less forgiving of it if she was routinely doing it working on the assumption that I’ll do it every time.


Mrs Z does this, too, but in a less irritating way (I get to collect+ the returns). Although she is prone to buying stuff, then finding ASOS have a 20% discount day 24 hours later and ordering the exact same stuff all over again.


Can you increase your offer a bit?


Oh God, lots and lots of ^This


i mean now i have a camera, light rig, backdrop and score by Hans Zimmer. So the video is happening pal



IKEA - will literally return anything there thanks to the 365 day return policy and the fact that we usually go a couple of times a year, even though on occasion there’s a 30 minute+ wait in returns. We currently have a hook that cost us £2 sitting in the garage waiting to go back on our next visit.


if you don’t return items because you hate queuing at the post office

but you are going to the post office to take stuff back for your partner anyway

just take the stuff you want to return at the same time



Thank you for your suggestion, Bluto. I don’t currently have any postal returns that need processing but I will strive to combine these activities in future.


Ok I’ve added it up and it is CONSIDERABLY more than what I initially thought.

I’ll do it after lunch.

(fucking hell it’s a lot)