Your financial thresholds for returns/refunds/exchanges etc


I generally don’t buy clothes online, and as such normally always check it fits properly before purchasing. So I rarely have to return anything, if I do I have no qualms in taking stuff back for a few quid.

Also I don’t tend to buy that much stuff, so again rarely have anything to return.

However at this exact moment I’m about to order some kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles ready for my builder. We’re going to over order just in case, and any unopened packets will be going back.


I will usually order multiple sizes or styles of something similar cause FREE RETURNS

But I’d be really having a laugh if I ever thought my bf would take a parcel back for me. I can’t even picture him queuing in a post office.


I keep receipts usually so that’s good, had a bag that broke so exchanged it but because I kept the receipt I got the difference back as the bag was now half price


It’s always worth “returning” low value stuff to Amazon - had a few things where a 2nd hand DVD was faulty, or a book was in French or something, Every time they just give you your money back and tell you not to bother sending it back


i often buy sizes that are a bit snug and think, oh well, i’ll lose some weight and keep them

15 yeas later here i am


If it cost less than about £20 (or any price but comes from a chinese seller) it just goes to the charity shop. It’s just not worth trying to return stuff to china and you always have to spend postage on the package that you know will never arrive (even if you pay for tracked.)


I sometimes buy things in two sizes with the intention of returning the one that fits less well, but since I am kind of in between two sizes anyway I can never decide which one to return. so one will become my ‘period jeans’ e.g,. and the other will be my ‘skinny jeans’.


how much, just so we know how much to laugh at you


Stopped counting at £1300.

Shut up. I know.


Fucking hell




So much ^this


holy fucking shit m9


what the fuck!


Still. Bonus payday when this comes through, so who’s the big idiot now eh?!

(still me)


continues to not fill out expenses form


its you, man


If it was a form I’d (maybe) have done it ages ago. This is all Concur’s fault if you think about it.

Ok bye.


Rather than return stuff if it doesn’t fit properly (often bought in store but he couldn’t be arsed trying it on), my boyfriend will just keep it and wear it. So he has, for example, a pair of shorts that will only just do up, and a hoodie that would comfortably fit two of him


He sounds like my kinda guy