Your financial thresholds for returns/refunds/exchanges etc


as @shrewbie says, tk Maxx are an absolute joy to take back to, interact with

recently bought 5 coats online and returned 4 in store. no questions asked


I’ve gathered up my mountain of receipts. Got a big cup of coffee. Playlist of absolute bangers queued up. Let’s do this.


…work internet has gone down.



Do I still get my 10% cut for motivating you to do it?


At this point you’d incur significant income tax admin on what I’d have to pay you.

(Just found out a hotel charged me twice for the same trip last month. Don’t care, got receipts, claiming it back twice)


Why do I have a charge from “Happy Meat BV”


Any guesses what I spent €6.50 on in a 4 star hotel in The Hague at 16.52 local time? Don’t think it was a beer. It’s not enough for their food.


Did you stay there? City tax?


I did. No, that’s invoiced separately.

Did I pay for one fifth of a hand job?


If you did, I’m not sure it’s something you should try putting through expenses.

(It’s probably a coffee or cake or something)


This would also explain the Happy Meat charge.


I looked this one up earlier - they’re a restaurant company. Dull facts.


You’re better at this than me.

Why did I take a train from work to London at 13.10 on 31st May? This isn’t a riddle, I have literally no memory of this.


You were going to see !!! or Haim that evening?


Alright calm down.

Ok. Photos of all receipts dating back to - shut up - May 2016 taken. We’re getting there.



I owe @laelfy £171.73.

Shut up everyone.

Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)

surely the only DiS thread ever that has net positive instead of negative due to lost productivity


I’ll pm you my bank details.


At my current rate I’ll get that to you in January 2019.


My bf bought me a hat this weekend which I have been wearing a lot but I haven’t removed the tag yet cause I’m still not sure if I’ll keep it and I want the £17 at the end of winter