Your financial thresholds for returns/refunds/exchanges etc


BTW if anyone has any money they don’t want please send it my way


Bought a multi-pack of Donnay socks on the Sports Direct website. Wore a pair, they felt a bit…short (i like a sports sock to come midway up to the knee during winter, you know what i’m saying?), washed them, folded them back up, buried them in with the other seven pairs, bunged them in the outgoing mail at work, £4.99 back in my bank before the end of the next working day, so y’know, fair play to 'em. They might run their warehouses like Russian prisons and effectively pay below the minimum wage, but that customer service can’t be faulted, so maybe you’ve just got to take the rough with the smooth sometimes.


I’ve only ever used sports direct once online to buy some running trainers.

5 quid to get them to deliver to store, but they give you a £5 voucher for using this method

what sort of cuntery is this?


I have gone significantly out of my way to recover incredibly small amounts of money.

I basically don’t value my time at all and am incredibly thrifty when it comes to everything other than alcohol it would seem.


one of my friends sisters worked for sports direct and was one of the lucky ones on a full time, permanent contract.

few years back she got 50k from them, then six months later another 12 grand. some sort of bonus or something

I have no further sports direct stories unfortunately


Sounds like she just didn’t do her expenses in a while to me tbh.


don’t think I’ve ever returned anything because it’s too stressful.

had two £300+ pairs of headphones break on me probably should have e-mailed amazon or something


man, Amazon return policy is a doddle. I buy a few records from them now and again, and I’ve returned about 20% of them due to miniscule issues really. never a question asked. s’easy man


(final)(I hope) update: my boss had to flag my claim to the finance director for approval because it was so much and is now furious.



At our place you’d have lost most of your money - think it’s a 3 month limit on claims.


Due in for jury service in a couple of weeks. Gonna claim for the wages thing, obviously. Also gonna claim travel expenses. For cycling there. At something like 9p per mile. It’s less than two miles away.


When I worked at the Co-op as a teenager a woman made me refund her the 5p cost for a carrier bag that I accidentally charged her.


I read that bit in the sense that the Co-op employed you to act as a teenager. :grin:


I’ve had shoes that were too small that I bought online and never taken back. Just cba. Gave’em to charity. Train ticket refunds, etc


Got an email from My Vitriol saying they’d cancelled my tickets for tonight and tomorrow’s shitshow, but I’m not seeing a pending transaction for my bank account.

I’ll pursue this refund purely to irk Som.