your first girlfriend/boyfriend

Dunno. I guess they seemed smart and grown up and lawyers are smart and grown up right?

No, but I know she’s now married and her surname is “Boner”.



First ever? Like my nursery girlfriend?

She’s a nice girl so…

do you still speak to them? - we live in the same town so if I passed her I’d say hello, she’d do the same
what do they do for a living? - don’t know, want to say nursing?
did they turn out how you expected? - not really, we spent most days talking about how we’d be married so that didn’t happen. Whenever we do meet we have a pretty good laugh about this.

Edit - she’s not a nurse, she works with people with learning difficulties, her mum was a nurse.

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I only ever go out with people who are about 100 times smarter than me and I don’t understand what they see in him (me)

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Her name was Amy. Don’t speak to her but she tried to add me on Facebook a couple of years ago and I was like ‘nah’ and then she messaged me a bit and she started to call me by a name she used to use in the bedroom and I was like ‘see ya’. Made me quite sad because although it was years ago she really broke my heart. Her mum once came into M&S when I was working there the day before Amy got married and told me she wished I was marrying her daughter instead :upside_down_face:

She’s a teacher and has a couple of wee girls and is on her second marriage I believe.

Don’t really know about the expected thing. First loves are a weird one aren’t they.



Didn’t really know what to say to that, think I asked her if she needed help with her packing.


She was working in a fabric shop, then a fancy dress shop. Not sure now. I’d like to think she was progressing her career and how runs a circus, but probably not.
Hmm… not sure.

We went out for about six months, meeting up about once a week and mostly relying on expensive 25p text messages otherwise. About a year after the relationship ended (i.e. me ignoring her and not having the guts to properly finish it), she got in touch and said she’d get pregnant and say it was mine if I didn’t go out with her again. Managed to salvage some kind of friendship after that and helped her from an uncomfortable place but we drifted apart.

Ah, to be a fourteen year old in 1998 all over again.

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do you still speak to them? - No, although I seem to randomly bump into them in London every few years which is bizarre as we are both from Kent originally. Guess we must still move in similar circles. Will say hello when I see them.
what do they do for a living? - Teacher.
did they turn out how you expected? - Yes and no. Never been in a long, or even medium, term relationship as far as I know, which is the bit that surprises me. Seems happy with that so more power to her :fist:

Last time I saw her she was an undertaker I think
Again not really sure, we didn’t go out for long

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A girlfriend in Primary School?

@admins ban request! He’s not one of us. :wink:

Many people on here’s firsts now seem to be teachers or doctors.

Is it fair to assume that some terrible experience in their past drove them to devote their lives to changing or fixing people?


Not spoken to her in a few years now. Oh shit, actually, she messaged me back in April, after I’d messaged her back in May the previous year. If that pattern continues it’s my turn to message her this month. I’m not sure what she does for a living, but looking at her facebook it seems she’s still in to activism and social justice, so she’s probably not changed much. We had a messy relationship over the year we were together and the next 3 years and then the 2 after that in a better but still not right sort of way. Both of us were bad for each other’s MH.

Disers are renowned for only dating public sector workers :fist:

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Yes, we’re still good pals.
She’s a doctor of Occupational Therapy and mum of three. (Another vote for Davidoff cool doctor girlfriend)
Not surprised she made good, she was as smart as they come. Was surprised when she went full born again Christian though, there was never any sign of that. :man_shrugging:

Discounting stupid school things that don’t really count, I’m still quite good friends with my first girlfriend. We’d been together for four years and didn’t break up in particularly acrimonious circumstances, it just kind of ended.

Completely understand the multitude of reasons people wouldn’t want to do it, and there are moments where it’s a little bit odd, but in my instance it’s actually dead nice.

do you still speak to them? - No, but we went out over 20 years ago when we were at secondary school (I’m old). We went out for about 4 months before I basically got scared and ran away and was probably a bit of a dick.
what do they do for a living? - Had heard she’d gone to uni to study art and some quick googling suggests she’s now an exhibited painter and art lecturer.
did they turn out how you expected? - don’t know about expected, but it certainly makes sense.


Actually bumped into each other at a birthday party recently. Wasnt awkward its quite funny to reconnect after so long

Her job is so specific that I literally can’t say for fear of basically directly naming her. It’s related to children’s entertainment.

Pretty much. Think I turned out v differently to how she expected.

I don’t speak to him, as in we’re not in touch. But I do occasionally bump into him every few years and it’s always lovely to catch up.

He owns businesses in the hospitality sector but he has retired from any active involvement now in the businesses themselves. He had this job when we were in a relationship together (20 years ago!!!), so it’s not like he ‘turned out’ to be something. Quite the opposite- he stopped being something. I suspect he sits in his boat all day smoking weed and laughing at his own jokes. (doesn’t sound too bad I guess.)

I expected him to work in the family business until he dropped dead from it, so yes. I am surprised, and a little disappointed in/ for him.

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