Your friendly Thursday night thread

Hey hey!

Anything good happening tonight? We’ve had pasta for dinner, which was alright, but it would be pushing things to make a song and dance about it

My other half is out tonight, so I’ll be on my Todd once Jimbo’s asleep, but I’ve got some negatives to scan in so that’ll keep me busy


Heeeeeeeeeere we goooooo


Just had a Huel. Catching up on washing before the football later. Weirdly feeling that everything might just be alright.


It’s Thursday, so it’s mushroom risotto again.

Going to watch the football/snooker on the telly later. That’s it, really.

Just off to work until 11 innit :upside_down_face:

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Grabbed 2 free Long Island Ice Teas with the o2 app at the pub down the road on way home. Had some leftover Chinese for dinner.
Wife going out with friends so need to put both kids to bed.
2-1 Im_on_safari


Off to a talk tonight which’ll be good because there’s a bunch of people going I haven’t seen for ages (and actually want to see).

Not working tomorrow (but a lot of other things to do) so may have some beers too.

Only issue is I’m not sure when/what I’m going to eat.

Had a properly rubbish couple of days of it so ordered myself turtle bay as a treat and OOOOH BOY this is the spiciest mac n cheese ever ever ever.

Still. My watercolours are improving. After some practise I think realism/pretty arty stuff isn’t my style, but silly cartoons are. This is my cat as an astronaut with a bespectacled robot friend. Will add more to it at some point.

Yeah they’re bad paintings but it’s very cathartic. Lots of swishing.

Imagine I’ll be in bed by 9.30pm.


In Denmark, taking a train, to be followed by another train, and then a further train after that



About to sink many pints of Meteor. Wife is en route and dressed extremely fit. This will cheer me up.


I just had a moment where I remembered that I’d brought some beers back from Dorset, and I thought I’d been very restrained because I hadn’t had one yet and we got back last Saturday. Then I remembered that I’ve been out three nights since then, so it’s not that much of an achievement really.

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InstantPot Mac and cheese for tea, well good.

Dog is sulking because we’ve put a fence up to stop her going running next door to play with their dog. She is in a right mard.

Is there a podcast thread? Listening to a really, really good one about Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity and women who left the order.

Going to the themed vinyl night at a bar nearby. This month’s theme is ‘food’.

You get to play three songs on the decks.

Would you rather hear:

  • Digsy’s Dinner by Oasis
  • Nookie by Limp Bizkit

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Evening, by the way

Used my extravagant cookware to do steak. Made some potato dauphinoise to go with it and also some peas.

Not doing much else besides counting down the minutes to bedtime.

Got an Indian on the way. Who’s interested in my order:

  • Me
  • Not me
  • I could be tempted

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It’s not all for me

What’s a malabar jheenga masala?! :yum:

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King prawn curry

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Oooft. Fit. Jel. Enjoy!

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