YOUR FRONT DOOR (from inside your home)


This is a bit of an odd request but… can you all please show me your internal front door? As in, show me the side that is in your home, not from the outside.

I know, it’s not Thursday, blah blah blah :blush:

THE REASON: I recently bought a new letterbox brush/draught excluder for my door y’see and now I’m questioning whether I could have chosen something else, but I don’t really know what people normally have, I’ve never really looked at their letterbox from the inside :thinking:

Please indulge me, it would cheer me up ever so much. :heart:

Aye alright but only because it’s you


Why are you making your poor postman bend down so much?


So eps can view him from four different tiny windows


Take it up with the door company, middle wasn’t an option.

Aw, THANKS epimer. This is good. This is what I was hoping for… you don’t HAVE to have a draught excluder you can have… ANOTHER flap. Oooo, the potential!

What a lovely door by the way. Mine is not strong (excuse the filth):

Coats feat. door


I like your brass knob!





I would but my door is so so shit

Good timing
Stuck some letters on it the other day


But yes, that is the draught excluder I plan to replace ^^ I got a black one, but I feel like it just looks as bad as the brown one already on the door.

FLAPS! MORE FLAPS @japes I am getting a flap.

Thank you, we got it out of pure spite when we got our rental deposit (mostly) back, because we’d complained to the landlord for actual years that the front door wasn’t secure and let water in, then as soon as we moved out they replaced it. So we got a much better door.

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That showed them!

Well, good choice, it looks stylish AND very very secure.

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I don’t think you appreciate just how nice this door is.

Oh sorry you can’t see what you actually want to see there, but if you put something on the door to distract it won’t matter anyway!

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The brochure said the police tried to get through one with a battering ram and couldn’t. Probably a feature that’s of more actual use to some of my neighbours than it is to me, but still. Good to know, isn’t it.

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I didn’t even notice because I WAS too distracted by “HEY” Haha.