Your glasses (for yer mouth, not yer eyes!)

Let’s talk about glasses

Xylohouse’s are getting out of hand. We have

  • tumblers for short drinks (bought at euro Disney)

  • pint glass and half pint glasses from breweries + pubs (Oundle, Tiny Rebel, Rusty Bucket)

  • large wine glasses

  • brandy glass

  • gin goblet things

  • whisky/spirit glasses with an optional keeps-it-cold-without-ice

  • champagne bowls

  • champagne flutes

  • shot glasses

  • not in shot, weird little tasting glasses for sweet spirits. forgot they’re in the other side of the dresser.

It’s all going on, basically. And I’d estimate that we use them all over the course of a full year, but use only 20% of them regularly.

Tell me about YOUR glasses

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Too many. Far too many

Top shelf

Unity Willi Becher ⅔
Burning Sky fluted ½
Staggeringly Good tumber ⅔ x 2
Beer festival tumbler ⅓
Champagne coupe x 2
Abyss ⅔

Middle shelf

M&S long tumblers x 6
Cheap blue/green tumblers x 3
Assorted beer festival glasses pint and ½ pint x 6
Pilgrims Brewery straight pint
BBNo ⅔
Magic Rock pint

Bottom shelf

Crystal cut wine glasses x 2
Hogs Back pint
Heineken pint
Newbarns pint x 2
Beer festival pint x 2

I also have a sideboard that opens like a cocktail cabinet full of glasses I’ll take a pic of later, but it’d look weird if I started emptying the top to open it up. It’s gorgeous though

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This is the exact kind of vindicating post I needed

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I just have normal glasses

Just innocent glasses


Just remembered I have one of two unbreakable glasses left. Other one broke

came in the thread to find out what mouth glasses were



big fan of Peugeot disgustin whisky

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You get Mercedes ones for the nice whisky I guess

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I really like conical pint glasses. These ones:

Stick a stout in that, very aesthetically pleasing imo

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Got a good selection of glass types.

But my favourite are a set of these stemmed pint glasses with the name of my backyard bar etched on them.


My boyfriend has loads of glasses that just sit in the cupboard gathering dust. Why does a man who doesn’t drink alcohol own so many wine glasses?

One for the unpopular opinions thread, but glasses are overrated - they are slippery to wash up, easy to drop and dangerous if broken. I use a mug for cold drinks and there’s not a damn thing any of you can do about it.




Glassware inventory stocktake

2x jugs
3x pint (1x Tennents, 1x Guinness, 1x local beerfest)
4x champagne
4x wine
1x cut glass and engraved wine (30th birthday gift to MsWza from my folks, I had one too but it got broken)
4x stemmed beer (2x Flavourly, 1x BrewDog, not pictured is 1x Timmerman’s too tall for this shelf so lives two shelves down, also not pictured RIP 2x Drygate which were the preferred go-to over the Flavourly ones but which were too damn flimsy)

On the shelf below

mugs, metal tankard, habitat golden birthday teapot given to staff only and awaiting sale if/when the price is right

On the shelf below *that*

plastic beakers for kids, stainless steel beakers for adults, steel 1-mug cafetiere, glass 4-mug cafetiere, bike bottles, enamel cup, reusable coffee cup, plastic shot glasses used for water play/toddler training, lots of space where all the sippy cups used to be until last week when we got rid now they’re not longer needed

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Rarely use glasses. Don’t drink much and if I did it could be drank just fine from the can it’s in.

We use the bottom left yellow tumblers for water at meal times or whenever around the house. The shorter green tumblers too on occasion and used with the little pitcher in the back. I made them myself.

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