Your Go-to Karaoke Song



I have an audition tomorrow where I have to sing a song.

They didn’t specify genre or range, so I literally could pick anything I wanted.

I ended up opting for Lionel Richie’s Easy.

It’s also the song I’d go for if I had to do karaoke (who am I kidding, first of many).
It’s well known enough to be available, and simple enough to sing without hearing the backing track clearly and has a limited range that’s fine if drunk and croaky.


It’s this

Or this

I’ll be honest it depends on the audience


You should do this man


Not a bad shout, it’s my range, but I thought I’d go for something simple in case I get nervous.


You got this :smile_cat:


Smash this one out fella


really easy



going on the voice??


In my drinking days, it was the Cher one where she is dressed in that horrendous lace outfit, perched on a huge battleship gun.



Same! That and Flying Without Wings.


Last tine I did karaoke I did Her Ghost In The Fog by Cradle of Filth. A goth said I didnt get the high notes


Rick James ‘Superfreak’.

It’s really easy.


It’s Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone.




David Bowie - Sound and Vision


Gary Numan - Cars


Bohemian Like You all day e’rday


Thank You For Loving Me by the mighty Bon Jovi. Epic drunk song, like Tom Waits goes poodle-rock.