Your Go-to Karaoke Song

I have an audition tomorrow where I have to sing a song.

They didn’t specify genre or range, so I literally could pick anything I wanted.

I ended up opting for Lionel Richie’s Easy.

It’s also the song I’d go for if I had to do karaoke (who am I kidding, first of many).
It’s well known enough to be available, and simple enough to sing without hearing the backing track clearly and has a limited range that’s fine if drunk and croaky.

It’s this

Or this

I’ll be honest it depends on the audience

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You should do this man

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Not a bad shout, it’s my range, but I thought I’d go for something simple in case I get nervous.

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You got this :smile_cat:


Smash this one out fella

really easy

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In my drinking days, it was the Cher one where she is dressed in that horrendous lace outfit, perched on a huge battleship gun.


Same! That and Flying Without Wings.

Last tine I did karaoke I did Her Ghost In The Fog by Cradle of Filth. A goth said I didnt get the high notes

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Rick James ‘Superfreak’.

It’s really easy.

It’s Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone.

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David Bowie - Sound and Vision


Gary Numan - Cars

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Bohemian Like You all day e’rday

Thank You For Loving Me by the mighty Bon Jovi. Epic drunk song, like Tom Waits goes poodle-rock.

best song of the 90s:

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