Your Go To Snack..

Only allowed to choose two, have to be your go to for the rest of your life and you can’t choose any other but those two. What would they be?


These are so unbelievably good its almost criminal. Perfect crunch, texture, taste, not many broken chips at the bottom. Just an all around tasty snack.

Probably the best pistachios in the world. Go ahead @ me. Perfect amount of salt, rare to find a pistachio that’s a fully closed one. Remarkable in their consistency.

Would really miss cashews don’t get me wrong but I would be able to suffice.

2, no contest. Pistachios are the nuts of the gods.

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Salted tortilla chips.

Tropical Pineapple Cadbury’s Chocolate.

Although now I’m remembering that Fox’s biscuits exist.

I’d eat Ruffles All Ressed for years. And No Name sour cream and chive. Though, sadly, as I am not in Canada., they canot be go to.

These. images

Chocolate digestive biscuits

Peanuts (dry roasted)

Tea and biscuits

And some sort of nut I suppose. I mean I would select more crisps but if I can only have two snacks again having two lots of crisps would be foolish.

Nice n Spicy Nik Naks

Going to have to have a think about 2

Mini and regular Cheddars
Roasted corn
Peanuts/peanut butter

Bread sticks and houmous

Salt and black pepper crisps…Tyrrell’s are my fav.

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At the moment I like onion rings (corn crisp ones not deep fried) with a bit of garlic aioli.

And apples.

nutella sandwich

but with the bread folded not cut, the one in that picture looks shit

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didn’t read the OP, thought it was just something you snack on a lot.
will think about it and get back to you

Apples hahahahahahahaha

not sure about that, good with peanut butter though

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One more vote for apples. (Granny Smiths, peeled. Sometimes washed after peel for added wetness)

Ignore balloon boy

Chocolate mini weetabix is good too.

Oh yeah didn’t read the op but probably stick with apples and weetabix

Apple is not a snack, it’s a fruit!

Open your gooey eyes

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