Your good genetic traits, your bad genetic traits



Basically don’t sweat anymore, unless I do a workout.
Male pattern baldness, the source of 99% of my powers
Metabolism still QUITE good at 32


If my folks are anything to go by I am going to be riddled with multiple body-failing illnesses by 70
Back hair (although only small amounts at the moment, but still: back hair :frowning: )



Good teeth


Heart issues from both my mum and dad, tho my dad’s was totally unexplained
Dad’s family is absolutely riddled with cancer



Pretty much never get ill
No baldies in my famil


Quite likely I’ll die of a heart attack at a relatively early age
Shortness (from my Mum’s side)


ooh teeth also me.

and yeah, team dad family cancer is one i know well. worst club to be in ever



nice eye colour and decent vision
can grow a good beard


family history of anxiety and depression
like Ant probably going to have a heart attack soon.



Enormous penis


Family history of pathological liars



yeah – my dad’s thankfully dodged it, but his brother and both his sisters have had it (both of them breast cancer), and his mum died of cancer which spread to her brain, totally awful. I’m on a breast cancer screening programme cos I’m at basically high risk of getting it too – thanks genes.


yep i’m on screening coz dad has/had prostate cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer and mysterious kidney failure which is probably radiotherapy-related and/or cancer. goddamn it


Don’t really smell or sweat unless I’ve been exercising
Good hair
Don’t get ill much

Shit teeth
Shit knees
Put on weight really easily


jesus fuck, that’s so shitty :worried:

genes can fuck off


Don’t appear to be aging
No balding in my family
Grandparents lived to an old age
schizophrenia in immediate gene pool



Heart problems
Hearing problems
Bad skin



  • Low chance of going bald. Thick hair.
  • Few health issues aside from mental health stuff.
  • Olive skin.
  • Teeth would be completely fine if it weren’t for an infrequent wisdom tooth problem.
  • Don’t put weight on easily.


  • Crap eyesight, increasingly bad hearing.
  • Very hairy, including a pair of big whopping eyebrows.
  • Two of my toes are webbed, I reckon because my Greek ancestors being incestuous back in the day. Same two toes are webbed on my Mum and her Mum and her Mum and so on.


Good: n/a

Bad: most of the common bad things, but not much cancer. Also got a few non-heritable genetic things showing up (eczema, weird bone condition). All topped off with West of Scotland epigenetics.

I shouldn’t exist.


My dad, my brother and I all have two webbed toes (mine less so than theirs). My dad likes to joke that my sister isn’t his because she’s the only one without malformed feet


Top dad work right there.


… Strong teeth, bones and fast healing rate? oh and low blood pressure


thin hair
crohn’s disease
sensitive skin
white asf
hairy asf
pre disposed to be heavy set
joint problems, incredibly likely to have rheumatism, arthritis etc (probably already do actually)


'fast healing rate’
hairy asf




unfortunately that’s only in terms of skin and bruising. Everything else… :’(


damn. i was going to be the professor x (later, walking edition) to your hugh jackman