Your Google Account running out of space

I guess 15GB ain’t that much really but it is frustrating.

How have you guys gone about dealing with this, given Google deliberately make it hard to easily housekeeper and find the big files.

  • Shelled out the money for loads of space even though that’s it, you’re fucked
  • Just gone ultra-cull
  • Opened multiple free Google accounts
  • Never happened to me
  • Another option that I shall detail below

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Go through every now and then and have a cull of photos and videos as 99% of my storage is taken up by photos of my dog.


Have you clicked through? There are tools it provides for deleting big emails and stuff like that

Click on this

And it takes you through to this

Got a new laptop last Christmas and there was a half price Office 365 subscription offer so I bought it. £30 for a year I think.

Yeah that’s really not useful though. You don’t get better detail than that.

There are ways to show Drive files by size and you can run Gmail searches like


But it’s a very gradual process of churning.

As for photos, in Search you can view videos but, again, it doesn’t make ut easy to pare down.

Need a TreeSizePro but for your Google account with better ability to manage items.

Another option voter.

As someone who has had their Google account hacked in the past I don’t upload anything to it purposefully.

Great until you end it and lose all that extra One Drive space I guess

Choose a cloud storage provider, pay 'em, stick all your files there. I went Google for a combination of reasons, but they’re all much of a muchness at the end of the day.

So what do you use to store backups and share files and email, etc?

Yeh when i say purposefully I guess my gmails are there

Everything else is on a number of hard drives

But I worry I’m paying to store stuff that I don’t really need plus just putting a millstone round my neck ever after

Very happy with my OneDrive/Microsoft annual subscription. Gives me access to Office, and then 5 or so 1 TB accounts that you can share with friends/family.

Now this is a reasonable idea but it upsets me that my company removed the rights to add your personal laptop to your office subscription and I feel like as soon as I do that they’ll bring it back! :grinning:

Still a subscription though which feels like a path to financial annoyancr

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Put it another way… If I’m gonna spend more than 3 hours a year digging through my files working out which ones I need, may as well archive them all (so long as you’re not on the breadline, obvs).

I use it as a backup for my movie and mp3 collections in reality, but I think unless you have data privacy reasons for keeping your data out of the cloud, it’s too much effort once you start reaching those limits to be worth maintaining.

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Took me a while to find how much I’ve used (on mobile), here’s the link for anyone else

Have only used 6GB (gmail and some docs in drive). I pay for extra icloud storage though where my photos are.

Got a Google Workspaces thing now with work, can stick all my photos of my gas and electric meter on that.

shelled out loads of money for a NAS backup system
(also get a onedrive & microsoft sub as part of my studies)


Oh…so i don’t use it after all

:man_shrugging: emails must use up some, are you logged in on a different account?

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I have 105Gb and running out. Fucking backing up podcasts is meaty.

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