Your Google Account running out of space

This being said I’ve been at 97% of my Dropbox for a decade

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Never had this on any of my google accounts, I’ve had a few.

i hope you catch him

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Don’t back anything up

Live in the now


I have a 2 pound a month payment for my google photo backups, I’ve got my digital photos since 2004 on there so i need it, although 2013-2015 is on dropbox and idk how to move it

Got literally everything backed up to my iCloud.

Think it’s £2.50 a month

Not on Applebook

This happened to me at work and I was panicking but then I realised it was cause I had like 13gb of emails dating back to 2018 that I hadnt been fucked to delete

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Your Google Account running out of time

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If we think about it, aren’t all our Google accounts running out of space?


can you take photos of them all?


You can install a desktop app
which, if it still works the way I remember, can be tasked with just uploading photos from a folder on your computer. Obviously you’d have to download them from Dropbox first.

There is this

but I don’t know if I trust that method. There are probably others though, which would do it entirely in the cloud for you.

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I use Huawei’s cloud thing. This is a bad idea isn’t it.

Huawei the lads


So long as you’re not uploading pro Taiwan/Tibet/Hong Kong propaganda and travelling to China anytime soon.

Just save a nice video to your cloud of you saying hello to your peoples liberation army watcher and you’ll be fine

One thing worth noting is that for a long time they provided free backup for unlimited compressed photos, but many of your older photos might be uncompressed. There’s an option to compress them, and if this applies to you then you’ll quickly free up a ton of storage.

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