Your grand theories

I reckon that a lot of office tensions are caused by the fact that there are some people for whom meetings are the thing where stuff gets done, and other people for whom their job is such that meetings are the things where it gets decided what work needs to be done and then they need to go and do it, and the former group don’t realise that they are literal time vampires to the second group.

Also that you should go back towards the entrance of a supermarket to look for quieter tills because the design of the shop funnels people out at the end and most people go to a close till. The opposite is true of public toilets, where you should use the first cubicle because everyone assumes that it will have been the most used and therefore skipped it.


i hate the people in category a on the first example. Although I think they do realise, they just don’t care.


I’m pretty sure there are multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications to back these two bad boys up.

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I think it’s legitimate for some people, e.g. decision makers. The meeting is where they get the information they need, where they can ask questions, and then make the decision. But then chumps like me have to go away and actually implement it.

Oh my god

I have always been in the latter category. A few years back there was a big reshuffle and suddenly my team are working with a big bunch of new people (Americans but I’m not sure that’s significant) who were all completely bought into the idea that all analysis work should be completed and documented (i.e. typed out) in real time by a cast of up to 10 people on conference calls stretching on for hours. Was a living hell for a while there

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I agree with all these.

The toilet cubicle in the furthest corner will be the most used because it only has one neighbour and because people like to be as far as possible from other people when taking a shit.

My theory is that the instinct to poo in private comes from the fact that whilst pooing you are potentially more vulnerable to predators. Same applies to wanting to have sex in private.


I still hate them

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Me too but it’s maybe not their fault

For me it’s because I don’t want people to steal my moves


My grand theory is relationship related

When you enter into a new romantic relationship at some point you will fall out about something significant. This argument is “your argument”. It’s fundamental root cause will never be truly resolved, although you may manage to understand it. You will be having this argument on and off for the remainder of the relationship. So you just need to ask yourself “can I stand continuing to have this argument?”

If it’s low level bikkering about who does the washing up, fine. If it’s about something more serious maybe not


Bit rich to call any of those “grand” pal

‘grand’ as in good


The supermarket till theory is bullshit. The tills at the front are always the longest as they are filled by people doing smaller shops.


Oh this is very true. The argument where the other person uncovers or reacts against something about you or your personality that they do not like. That comes up every time you have another argument about something else. Yep.

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Always admired the approach to meetings held by Paulie in Goodfellas (i.e. no meetings). If I was a manager this is how I’d get things done

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people love white chocolate but pretend not to cause they don’t want other people to think they’re babies cause of white chocolates bad rep but babies are good so scru u


my nephew (baby) likes white chocolate but when it comes to give him a white chocolate button i eat most of them ha

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All the tills are at the front of the supermarket. That’s normal


Fully approve of this.

Much like black coffee


Some people can’t have milk