Your grand theories

Given everyones arguing about coffee I thought I’d stir up the old hornets nest regarding ess/xpressos :wink:!

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You should suggest having a cappuccino in the afternoon.




hot coclate

That’s why I always try to combine the two where I can


I’m starting to think smartphones are making us less connected


Happens with everything really from spicy food through to types of music, and even sexy stuff, the more you’re exposed the more you see the hidden details and gain appreciation even if you recoiled at first. Before long you become accustomed and like things. There are some things people dislike so much initially they never get to those stages but they could.

Incidentally I think all people are such products of their environment, their bodies and the absurd world happening around them that we have basically no free will of our own. Doesn’t mean we’re absolved of personal responsibility but if someone/something studied us hard enough like Facebook will inevitably try and do every one of our needs and decisions will be more or less guaranteed and predictable. That’s my theory.


I did that with weezer but then i’d had enough.

you studied every decision they made to determine if they had free will?

Therye shite so that’s a hell of a conditioning task

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Somehow I always knew you and I would end up fighting to the death over something neither of us really feel all that strongly about.


Especially if you’re on holiday in Italy. It’s the correct way to drink coffee

Cigarettes are the worst for this, everyone knows they smell and literally take twenty years of your life but looking cool is more important


And then they’re nice :clown_face:

More like make-you-less-smart-phones eh


That’s politics for you!


Behaviour modification is a design goal of facebook, or at best an unanticipated side effect that they’re very happy to peddle to advertisers.

This book is by a guy who worked there from the start:

According to the book, Facebook have run experiments to prove that people change their behaviour based on what they see in their timeline. And if you ask people “did you change your behaviour based on what you saw in your timeline?”, they all say “FO, M, I am not an idiot, I know my own mind”. We all think we’re too smart to be fooled, but we’re not because it operates at a subliminal level.

I totally agree with you that we’re all products of our environment to some degree. Another area this comes up is when making moral judgements about people’s actions in the past. Some things we consider abhorrent were normalised in the past, and other things that seem ridiculous to us (e.g. piety) were really important to people in the past.

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@colossalhorse to thread!

It’s ok, he’s doing a thing. I’m sure @anon50098204 knows that any and all dishes can be improved by up to 400% with the addition of a healthy dollop of Colossal Sauce™.


I do. That reminds me: I need to send your bottles back!!!

Will get on to that this weekend - sorry for the unforgiveable delay.