Your greatest accomplishments in video games

Tell me about them.

I once topped the world in the Mini Metro daily challenge. Somehow I’ve never found the right opportunity to brag about it in real life, so I’m doing it here


Once saw a player get 2 scores of 1 in successive games on Championship Manager 2 (Duncan Jupp at Wimbledon)


I don’t know specifics (and sometimes I think I may have made this up) but I remember I was in a pretty decent worldwide ranking for Rainbow Six 3. Not anything too amazing but for an average Joe like me I was super impressed with myself :sunglasses:

I also once beat Hearthstone pro Kolento in a ranked match. I went to his stream after to check if was really him, and not some fake. However, I was playing Hunter, so I’m not too proud.

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Yesterday I beat Sekiro… so that one is fresh in my mind.

One of my levels in Mario Maker 2 ended up in the top 10 very briefly and got played a few thousand times. Switch went mental for about an hour. It was strangely exciting.


I was unbeatable on:
Sensible Soccer.
Mario Kart for the SNES.
Grand Theft Auto 2 multi-player.

As you can tell from when those games came out, I am long past my best.

I was briefly the 2nd best Street Fighter IV E Honda player in Europe on Xbox Live. I played the number 1 player once though and let me tell you the drop off from 1 to 2 was steep.


My Sim patriarch’s numerous extramarital affairs effectively meant that the entire city’s eligible young population was related


Bred a golden chocobo in Final Fantasy 7.

And recently not quite an achievement, but in Final Fantasy 12 remaster I wasn’t bothering with the Zodiac Spear faff of only opening certain chests or whatever and I was grinding in the mines/dungeon near the end to get a ribbon to drop and randomly opened a dropped chest and in it was the Zodiac Spear which has something like 1% chance to appear. Felt very lucky at that.

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I once got 150,000,000 in a single combo on Tony Hawk’s Underground

I played the Metal Gear Solid games so much as a teenager, that I was able to finish all of MGS2 in approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

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As a child, I found a glitch which let you fly over the whole of the first level of id software’s pre-Doom classic, Commander Keen. Decided I was going to use this as a platform to write a book of tips and cheats. It was so deflating when I realized that one thing was literally all I had to offer.


Travelled to the centre of the galaxy in Elite Dangerous as part of an expedition.

100%ed Oblivion and Assassin’s Creed 2

Spending hours making a giant benevolent being in survival when I first started playing Minecraft.


Won a regional heat of the Xbox student games championships (Project Gotham Racing 2, one the Stockholm tracks in a Nissan 350Z), won an Xbox and a load of games and then went to the finals in Manchester hosted at a Scream pub where I went out early on, drank loads of cheap beer and threw up at 4pm.

Also, used to beat FTL on hard fairly consistently and am pretty handy at Slay the Spire.

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I regret to inform you this thread is actually a sting operation to find witches/warlocks and you just outed yourself.


Beating Artorias (Dark Souls) on my first attempt. Such a good feeling pulling that off.

Tackled the last 3 bosses in Skies of Arcadia massively underleveled and it took me over 7 hours to do it. Was a school night and I stayed up covertly into the early hours of the morning to pull it off.

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This kill/death ratio on Halo back in the day. It was a Slayer match on Derelict/Carousel just running around with a shotgun being untouchable, felt good ‘bro’


Back on Champ Man 93/94 I won 12 trophies in 3 seasons with the Forest team that started with Collymore and Roy.