Your greatest fears

Do you want to know one of my greatest fears?
No? Well stop reading.

It’s when I’m in Waitrose cafe and am ordering my cappa and a cake and it is always busy and I am unsure if I will get a seat at one of the tables in the cafe. This is partly because of ‘seat scavengers’ (as I call them, better ideas welcome) that even if they are behind you in the queue, they send out someone from their group to ‘secure’ a seat ,which is immoral imo.
This makes it very hard to judge whether I will get a seat and bother getting anything, or be forced into some sort of nomadic existence within the store with my coffee (which is actually in a take away cup) and a cake on a paper plate for my child as I try and push a buggy. Quite harrowing, I think you’ll agree.
Sorry if this was upsetting from anyone.

You got any fears?

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That sean’ll finally pull the trigger


still just being like this in 10 years


After that OP isn’t it that sean WON’T ever pull the trigger?

I don’t want to see a ghost,
It’s a sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news


Get your son to seat scavenge, if he can’t hold on to a table against the masses he doesn’t deserve cake

--------thread closed-------


A million times this. Can’t imagine entering a cafe without saying “tell me what you want and then grab a seat” to my kids.

Just dying. Fully breaks me if I hear about it or think about it too long

Without wishing to sound too morbid I absolutely want this to happen as soon as possible but without hurting anyone which is frankly impossible.

He’s 3!

Not too keen on the idea of life after death

My life circa 2030

The people I despise dying after I do.


On the HoT ToPiC of “Seat Scavengers”

  • Absolutely fine
  • Immoral
  • I don’t know what this is and I am not reading the OP to work it out
  • I can’t even conceive how anyone would have an issue with this

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Spiders and social situations with strangers are mine. I won’t be crashing a Tarantula party any time soon.

Glad I gave this thread the benefit of the doubt (assumed it’d be a bunch of prannies moaning about spiders) because I once refused to go into a place where we would have had to order our food then find a table, such was my fear of standing around with a tray full of food and nowhere to sit like an absolute chump. Always, ALWAYS send a scouting party to get a table.

Please note that I hadn’t read your post when I referred to the arachnophobe community as prannies.

Come on then. The big ones

  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Heights
  • Flying
  • Darkness
  • Small, enclosed spaces
  • Germs
  • Got some other phobia
  • I am mummy’s brave, fearless big adult

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It’s a fair cop tbf. I could probably take any spider in a fight if I wasn’t too busy cowering and shitting myself.

Being trapped somewhere and just slowly dying.