Your greatest procrastinations


After about 20 years I finally visited the dentist today.

30 mins of cleaning was a bit of a slog but now my teeth look very good.


20 years!


I’m not sure which aspect of this is procrastination Theo


I’ve actually been a couple of years since an appointment. I moved and haven’t got round to finding a local dentist yet.

Did they say anything about the length of time since your last appointment?


I’m been meaning to go for at least 15 years just never gotten around to it.


I see, so you’re saying that the 15 years of life between then and now, having a child etc etc has ALL been procrastination to avoid going to the dentist? That’s a hell of an effort pal.


Yeah he was shocked naturally.

He was even more shocked about how much sugar I consume and how healthy my teeth were, huge amounts of tartar aside.

I had fissure sealing back when I was at Uni (because of free/cheap treatment) so that combined with electric toothbrush and (according to him) good genes, means I’m fine.


I received a letter from my GP about 2 months ago about booking an asthma review ‘As soon as possible’. I got round to trying to do it a couple of weeks ago, but rang them 3 times and nobody answered :confused:


Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished.

I’m not sure what your point is. Yeah we’re blurring the lines between this and laziness but generally laziness covers tasks that might be fun that you can’t be bothered to do. Going to the dentist is something you really SHOULD do.

Getting an NHS dentist always seemed so much effort and I moved within 18 months a few times so it never really seemed worth the effort.


I thought procrastination was the act of doing something else to avoid the thing that needs to be accomplished, we’re all friends here though.


I’ve organised nearly 12 years of my personal emails at work over the last couple of months. Down to less than 1000.


Fair enough. But yes, I tended to avoid doing this task by having a job and a social life, etc.


If you would like a real example, Ant, I once convinced myself that I couldn’t revise because my notes were so creased up so I started ironing pages of lecture notes


That’s exceptional


Oh god, revision. I just ended up doing literally nothing at Uni for whole sections of the year even because I’d think “I could read this book,” swiftly followed by, “No! I should read a text book and go over lecture notes,” followed by me not having any mental energy to do that so I just did nothing to avoid feeling like I was actually avoiding studies.


The lid to my laundry bin has been on the floor in the living room for over a year, always mean to take it back to my room. Weird thing is the whole floor of the living room was replaced in January which would have been a good time to move it, but I just put it on the counter, now it’s back on the living room floor


I feel like small potatoes in comparison to this masterwork, tbh.


I have also just broken a 20 year dentist hiatus. I’ve had three appointments in quick succession.

Appointment 1: the bollocking
Appointment 2: the punishment cleaning
Appointment 3: the “gum charting” which is not a nice thing, rather it involves him poking the gum around EVERY SINGLE ONE of your teeth with a pointy thing and then saying a number.


This thread has got me to sign up for the dentist for my first appointment in yonks. cheers


Ouch! Yeah I can imagine. Interesting you had yours split into so many appointments.

I’ll be honest, I just went to the practice in Highgate village we’d used when I was a kid. 20 years ago it still did NHS but now I had to pay. £190 including registration fees.