Your high points and low points of 2016


Trips to Japan and New York were the high points. Tokyo was simply brilliant. It was my first time there and loved every minute of it. Kyoto was beautiful too. The Japanese are the nicest people. This year’s New York trip was my third time there and was great as always. I saw more of Queens and Bronx this time round. Best city in the world.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any personal bad things/tragedies. Low point was The EU Referendum result. I’m still pissed off and will be for decades. The morning after was horrible. The moment I realised Trump won was horrible too but I felt far worse on the Friday after the referendum.


Highs… dunno… I liked Paris-Roubaix, Berlin… Autechre live…
Lows… Death of an Aunt


There’s been some good bits but I’m really struggling to find an actual high tbh.

Low points: EU referendum for sure, and the realisation of what half the population thinks. Also the acquisition of a new colleague who is hideous to work with.


High - no one died
Low - state of the world, sick relatives, I didn’t really get up to much

Hope 2017 is better! I really want to go abroad, haven’t been away for 8 years and a lot of it is because of anxiety (like what if I die, get food poisoning, mess up my vaccinations and get infected). I did my undergraduate dissertation on emerging infectious diseases and how basically travelling is spreading the shit out of them and idk it’s stupid but I want to get over it and go to Japan for sure, and somewhere hot (Santorini or something)


oh god yeah, one of my new project managers is an absolute arse. made coming into work worse than usual :frowning:



:arrow_up: i really enjoyed going to see Radiohead at the Roundhouse, whenever that was.
:arrow_up: i’m almost certain there was another gig i went to that i thought was ace, but can’t for the life of me remember who it was. thought it might have been Metric, but that was 2015.
:arrow_up: my OCD has got a lot better - still not perfect by any means but much better that it was getting over the summer

:arrow_down: my one goal for 2016 was to get a new job, and i didn’t get a new job. i applied for one that i actually really wanted, but didn’t hear back and that knocked my confidence a bit so i gave up looking at that point altogether
:arrow_down: in fact, i could probably just list every single goal i had for 2016 and put a big cross next to them - been a very steady, same old kind of year for me which wasn’t what i wanted at all


Well as recent years have been ruined by deaths and people were sick enough to go and didn’t, I’m really happy about it!


And I mean in my family obvz


Mine is a contractor so at least at the end of the project he’ll be gone. Only 6-12 months to go!


Highs - travelled to Sri Lanka, New York (solo!!), Madrid, Paris and USA road trip (San Fran to Austin)
Other highs include overcoming insomnia and anxiety disorder. And getting a payout for my face smashing incident of 2015 which ruined that year.

Lows - I can’t really think of any tbh. I’ve had a cracking year and I don’t like to dwell.


High - found out I’m going to be a dad
Low - Mother-in-law died

Was a pretty extreme year.


Yes! This is a good thread!

+Got a distinction in my Masters (and finished the bloody thing)
+Booked / planned my wedding
+My son did well in his GCSEs and is happy at college
+Saw friends more often

-Stress at the beginning of the year as my son was bullied
-Some work stuff / becoming frustrated with my job



Woah, your boy’s already 16! In my head he’s like 11 I guess from some early interactions :'D

Anyway, good stuff!


+Moved into our house after the building works finally finished and it’s great. At some points I never thought this would happen.

  • Trip to Gothenburg and Way Out West was lots of fun
  • Niece was born and is already a star

-Brexit vote

  • Trump being elected
  • Family health stuff
  • Friend health stuff
  • GF working long hours and being stressed as a result
  • Me working long hours and not being able to see people as much as I would have wanted


High points: music (a lot of albums I liked and gigs), an holiday in Croatia.
Low points: I lost my two grandmothers and my uncle, someone stole in my house, I got a penal sentence for defamation and I postponed again my graduation with my parents’ disappointment, the spread of racism and ignorance in the world with Brexit and Trump’s win like highlights.


Yeah I know, it’s crazy isn’t it? I’m definitely not old enough to have a 16 year old! :grinning:


:arrow_up: daughter arrived in Feb
:arrow_up: career change/major job upgrade in March
:arrow_up: house move/relocation finally went through in the summer
:arrow_up: Missus has a good new job and we are much closer to her family
:arrow_up: Finally feeling like a settled family, my son is thriving at pre-school and my parents are back in the country which great
:arrow_up: :arrow_down: travelled a lot with work (US, Canada, Europe)

:arrow_down: work life balance is wonky, and general work related grief. Completely knackered
:arrow_down: i’m at my fattest/unfittest/unhealthiest ever. Big 2017 goal is to get back in shape
:arrow_down: death of my grandmother and other family-related health issues
:arrow_down: left a lot of friends in sheffield and find it hard to have a social life these days

  • Trip to Bruges, proposing and seeing the Tour of Flanders
  • moving to a new city wih the TV and getting our lives back on track after a year apart.
  • nothing really bad, part from the referendum result I suppose