Your Hip-Hop Karaoke Song Of Choice



If you had to pick a song to perform at hip-hop karaoke, what would you choose?


Might as well make it a challenge :slight_smile:


Geto Boys ‘Minds Playing Tricks On Me’ radio edit.


Hip hop is a dreadful karaoke choice.


Those dedicated hip hop karaoke nights seem to attract people who are actually pretty decent and have rehearsed their track of choice. But people picking hip hop tracks at a regular karaoke nights is usually dreadful.


Yeah, that’s what I meant: in a non-dedicated karaoke setup.


Doing a hip hop song as a karaoke choice is pretty much appropriation


Surely depends whose song you’re doing


Soul? RnB? Blues?

Intergalactic, fwiw.


Hit em up by tupac


Rappers Delight (Full Version)