Your hometown's most unique pub name

Mine is the Hingemaker’s Arms, think its the only one in the country, and was next to a former hinge factory which is now the town cente.

One of the pubs changed their name to the Free Charles Bronson Inn until the new sign got nicked


Good to see super Hans keeping it real after peep show


My mate calls cocaine Bronson so he probably would have gone there for the lols

It actually had his art on the walls as well I think, might still do

Village pub named with the village’s name in it and I think there’s only one village with that name so that

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Oh is this why my friend calls it that? That makes sense as we always call him super hans!

I went in once in its original incarnation with a pal and as soon as we stepped in all the locals just stared at us. We very quickly did the grampasimpson.gif and walked straight back out

Ye Olde Bell & Steelyard. A cursory google search suggests it’s the only one, so hurrah. Decent pub.

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Have you ever been in mother macs? Terrifying. An old woman, like a proper old biddy, tried to start a fight with me. Only went in to see the mancunian film cuttings on the wall one afternoon and knew it was dodgy but crikey.

I suppose in Oldham of the old school that leap to mind The Snipe although that’s Ashton, Help The Poor Struggler, Dr Syntax, Owd Kitts, The Owd Orginal

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Mother Shipton’s Inn (not sure if this is applicable because it’s named after a person but she’s an interesting person nontheless

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Good thread.

The Loggerheads in Shrewsbury, the Loggerheads are the leopards on the town crest - no-one seems to have much idea why they’re named that.


That reminds me of my nan, she always said you were at loggerheads if you had fallen out with someone. Wonder if that’s uk-wide or just a scouse thing. Never knew they were an actual thing

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I had to Google it, I’ve seen it on my travels but never been in, might give it a miss!

The Google description says ‘no nonsense’ which is an unusual term for a pub

Definitely a UK thing. It’s a pretty common phrase, although its origin isn’t quite how it’s used now (a loggerhead was a stupid person, and then a type of weapon)


The ira used to meet there, and the landlord murdered his family then tried to burn it down in the 70s and now the walls are covered in cuttings about it like they’re proud to have a claim to fame. Grim. I found out some really interesting things about it recently but have immediately forgotten.


used to be one called the laughing leopard that looked like this

think it’s a nags head or something these days


Theres a few iconic ones in Nottingham like The Pit & Pendulum or Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem.


The singing chocker (a mining thing)

Standard chain pub malarkey.

Chocker - Man employed to build or dismantle wooden chocks in the hand filling era. In modern mining one of a team of face men moving hydraulic chocks forward as the face advanced.

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