Your hot take on: Hugs

  • Don’t touch me bro
  • Quick hug, light shoulder pat, disengage
  • Bring it in buddy
  • Slightly aroused i’m so sorry

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Didn’t exist in the UK before Friends.


You’re thinking of sandwiches


Nah, I distinctly remember eating sandwiches as a kid.


I like hugs, and hug all my friends (if they also like hugs), but I don’t tend to initiate them with people I don’t know properly. Maybe they don’t want to be hugged.


Terrifying. Basically just freeze whenever somebody opens their arms and brace myself until it’s over. Never reciprocate in hope that people will get that I don’t like it (they rarely do).


I’m an excellent hugger but have major issues with personal space invasion. So where people have pushed through my ‘hug barrier’ I’m great, but generally find them deeply uncomfortable.


Entirely dependent on who I’m hugging I’m afraid, this poll is too restrictive and I can’t participate.


Find poor hugs pretty upsetting. Like those claw ones some people do where no bodily contact takes place.


used to be afraid of all contact but quite like it now.
me and my dad used to do awkward handshake every time we met and it made me cringe so one day i went for the awkward hug instead, he seemed confused at first but now it works alright


Absolutely fucking love hugging the French family because they have absolutely no idea how to deal with it. Which makes me want to bear hug them. A’s brother in particular just sort of goes limp and grimaces :smiley:



Got to be a good solid warm hug.


my family never hug each other. maybe at a funeral or something.

feels well weird when folk try and hug you when you’re just meeting at the pub or something. no.


Hugs are fine until you see the other person pucker up as they close in and oh god oh god not the double air kiss can I even get through this

  • me hugging my boss when leaving a job years ago.

still cringe about that.


Yeah I only hug certain people, like my family, my good friends… I have a lot of friends who will hug anyone and everyone though. After spending an afternoon with one of them I then went to meet up with my friend Dan who is not a hugger, as I walked towards him I absentmindedly lifted up my arms for a warm embrace only to be greeted with a face of absolute disgust and horror. He has never quite gotten over it.


got a bit of a habit of lifting people up and twirling them round a bit if I haven’t seen them in a while or am saying goodbye for a prolonged period. need to cut that shit out.


Making a mental not of who i can scoop up into a bear hug the next DiS meet