Your Ideal Party 🥳

What does the ideal party look like?

Let’s have some polls.

How many people should be at the party?

  • 2-5
  • 6-10
  • 10-20
  • 20+

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where should the party take place?

  • House Party
  • Some kind of pub or venue
  • Outside in a big field
  • Somewhere else people have parties

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Just me on the sofa with a 4 pack and a bag of Bombay mix thanks



parties in abandoned warehouses/industrial areas being squatted are always exactly how you’d imagine them to be - i.e that industrial nightclub scene in the matrix

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Basically something from popular teen drama ‘skins’

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What is the peak time at the party?

  • Just turned up saying hi to everybody bit of chit chat passing through
  • Everybody there getting wasted, waiting for the pizza to arrive
  • Too drunk, somebody is going to embarrass themselves!
  • Early hours of the morning, numbers are dwindling, deep and morose conversations are going down

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Lots of snorting, shagging and arguing over aux cables


It’s not an exaggeration to say that my ideal party is one that I am not invited to but all my friends have a lovely time there.


We are gonna have parties in this that go beyond fun! - and actually get really, really nasty

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biggest knob at the party

  • Acoustic guitar guy
  • Detached person sneering at others having fun
  • Person enthusiastically pressuring you into having more drinks/drugs than you are comfortable with

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Ideal party scenario:

After last orders at the bar everyone pours back to whoever’s flat. Good amount of people with good booze and some recreational drugs.
No one being the cunt or overly pissed.
A respectable attitude to the music selection of the various party members.
This all takes place in the kitchen because the kitchen is where all the best parties happen.


sounds bad man

The “Come and have a dance!” person. Always the “Come and have a dance!” person.


ahahah…never happened to me :’(

You dancing?!
You asking?!
I’m asking!

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That’s a good thing. The “Come and have a dance!” person is bad news.


I probably don’t get asked cos I’m usually the first person to get really drunk and dance like an idiot thinking I’m well cool


(I say this like I’ve been to a party in the last 5 years)

You and I aren’t too different Bam :grinning:

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