Your last tank of petrol/diesel

How many miles did you get out of it?
What was the MPG?

589.2 miles
63.2 mpg

Such a dad thread

Not sure how accurate the instruments are but IIRC we usually get about 450 miles out a tank and maybe 40mpg.

about 200 miles
oh god that’s about 15mpg

edit: short journeys though, if i did a biggun it’d be much better

55mpg last time I looked. New battery helped that. (Honda CRV)

No idea, but usually commuting I do about a tank a week, and since lockdown I’ve made a tank last three months, it’s wonderful.

About 400 miles if I’m not paying much attention to my driving. Ranges from 360 to 500. Roughly 50mpg

No idea, think I got it in April and still have 3 quarters of a tank left #lockdownlife




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No idea. I’ve only been putting in £5 top ups. I like to drive so it says 99.9 on the mpg display.

Push it towards 650 miles but that’s taking the piss a bit, it’ll be screaming at me to refuel it by then. Something like 65 mpg.

Got a car delivered last Friday with a full tank. It’s still full

how the fuck am i meant to know

Wee computer thing tells you

you forgot ‘not on carbook’ as a poll option

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Brb, going to post “I don’t watch football actually” in the football thread


Working title for Bend It Like Beckham


I don’t think my car has the ability to tell you, too old.

Filled up last Thurs and again yesterday though, 30 litre each time. Had a week off work and went for a few walks in the Lake District. Before that I’d last filled up in February.

got to barnard and back no stops (didnt even need a wee)