Your local library

Are you a member of your local library?

I am since last week. Not really sure why except my gf was going on about it and it was easier to go along with it than not.

Did you know they do e-book lending now? That’s a thing.


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Often a convenient public toilet opportunity.

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(6 down. 5, 14)

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Hey you can join me on

Yes, and yes.

My local library has a listed interior

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Not really into films.


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It’s ok.


It saves me buying books I’m meant to read for book club.

Yes and no.

I’m a member of the City of London libraries, which are close to my place of work. My membership of Islington libraries has lapsed.

No. And I don’t really care about e-books.

Get on with it, Corbyn!

Woah! This is amazing

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Yes, of course I am (both Lewisham and City of London)

Bit of a busman’s holiday for you, I’d imagine.


Corbyn is the MP for Islington North

Given I don’t work in a public library: no.

I moved last year and have been too lazy, but I am going to join now because libraries are excellent and Tories want to abolish them

You’re not secretly evaluating their categorisation quality and the smell of the books? Come on now.

Signed up again two weeks ago upon discovering they have the entire Akira manga