Your local non-water feature


There’s a tank under a canopy in my hometown, fuck knows why:


probably to keep the rain off it


there’s a bridge


The Barbican is the best:




because our brave boys you prissy little remoaner cunt




There was also this really good bit where someone did some art on a roundabout by whacking loads of road signs on it causing potentially dangerous confusion for motorists and pedestrians alike:



There’s this cool panaromic view from Ruchill Park near me. Looks like a manmade hillock-cum-helter-skelter that you walk up and get great views. Can’t find a picture of it but here’s a view from the top.

This comes up on google which suggests it was built as a money maker originally


Prolly the statue of old Alfie


They want to get rid of it.


As well they should!


Quite enjoy that pokestops alert you to local non water features quite regularly, here are some of my favs:


I am sorry but no.


Oooh there’s a bench in the woods round here that’s carved into a fish. I’ll walk the dog later and photograph it.

Oh and also this weird underground bunker thing that I’ve never worked out what it actually is. Totally looks like what you’d expect a nuclear bunker entrance to look like.


This bellend


Or this knob




Ancient stones that have been there since time immemorial*

*Actually the year 2000