Your local park as a youth

Like every Parish Council ever?

That does look like a quality rec.

Fair few parks in my hometown, also the sea which was alright at certain points they hadn’t laid tarmac on the wild common or coastline.
But we also used to weirdly go back into the comp after everyone had left just because it had a large amount of fields and a very low fence, which in the dark was great for underage drinking and the like.

I guess so!

As a parent I’ve paid more attention recently to the quality of play equipment in parks. It’s improved immeasurably. I think that Lottery funding has made quite a difference - our local park was restored around the time we moved to King’s Lynn and it’s now gorgeous. There’s an infants playground, a junior playground, zipwires, a parkour park, plus lots of old historical bits (including a 15th century chapel).

oh yeah, forgot that “the seafront” was our preferred place to hang out

This happened at mine

Are you one of the Teletubbies?