Your Local Pub


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Forest Hill, SE23

[Additional info: @japes and @thewarn have been in here)


Dalston, Hackney


Stratford, London

Never been in.


Pretty much equidistant between two, one is closer but would take longer to get to on accounts of needing to cross a road, the other is very slightly further away but would be quicker to get to as no road-crossing would be required.

Which would you like in here?


Do you have to wait for your Mum to hold your hand before you cross the road?


Ha nice try Diamond Dallas Page!


The one you’d prefer to use


I’ll accept both entries.


Got two

New Basford, Nottingham

Sherwood, Nottingham


No, I don’t. It is a very busy road however and the idiotic crossing layout means I need to cross at two individual pedestrian crossings rather than just the one. This led to me missing out on a PB for a 10k the other week and I was angry about it.


Lots of close pubs, this is the one we go to most, probably (Kelham Island, Sheffield)


Never been in either mate, no intention of going in either of them either:

New Cross, London


Amersham Arms for me Clive.


Beast Banks, Kendal

The Tour of Britain stage which ends in Kendal has its finish pretty much right outside this pub.






Full of student pricks mate (as is the other one). Franky, even if they weren’t there’d be no reason for me to go to either of them.


Northfield, Birmingham

This is geographically the local pub - It’s only a few hundred yards up the road, have been advised to avoid it.

This is where I usually end up drinking though - It’s in Harborne


Lots of Goldsmiths arty types eh? My local above is teeming with hipsters. I’ve got another pub about 5 minutes walk that is infinitely nicer.



Wickham Arms