Your local water feature


Following that corker in the brexit thread, share your town or city’s water feature(s).

Here’s Nottingham’s effort. Solid 4/10 I reckon.


Your local water feature

That looks amazingly like a D-Day landing craft that has sprung many leaks. I like this a lot.


The Thames? idk


Barbican is the best:



I used to love seeing the contrasting reactions from people when someone had thrown a bottle of bubblebath into this:


I have a fountain in my garden.


You seem to have forgotten the picture.

Also you don’t seem to be wearing your monocle or top hat today.


Here is the fountain from my hometown’s high street, fucking great bants whenever anyone poured a bottle of fairy liquid into it which is why it’s never on now, adds to the overall bleakness of the place quite nicely:

Post a picture that best represents Britain

That looks grim, is it Coventry?




God Britain is shit isn’t it.


Close enough


Properly shit


This beauty is in the park a couple of hundred yards from my home.

Not only is it fenced off, but I’ve never seen it contain any water at all.



Local one now is probably Hollow Ponds


This is from my hometown…

Incorporated into the design was a Waterfall feature, which the artist replicates the practice of washing the Blood from the abattoir down the High row into an open drain. On the steps of the waterfall is a Bar code in Red to denote the blood and the water is the means of washing it away.




Great waterless/fenced off combo here, zealy!


Would it make mine any less depressing if I told you that a bit further down past the Sports Direct there is a Blockbusters next to a Weatherspoons with a secret strip club above them? Essentially someone’s front room with a stripper pole where the telly would normally be…


Despite the blood-connection, I quite like that


A blockbusters?