Your local water texture


Cool as the Northern breeze, skeleton hard wrapping skulls round the kettle filament.





And comfortable?


Moderately soft, 51-100 mg/l calcium.


Moderate or rough, occasionally slight at first


What happens when you take a bath


Hard as nails. Our place is only a year old and we’ve already got stalagtites forming.


Champagne, candles, rose petals.


Sounds like your water provider’s really got its act together


Getting a water softener, mebbes?

We went for one and it’s pretty good.


It’s one of those things I’d quite like one day, yeah.


Ooh ooh excuse me waiter this water’s too hard can you soften it for me
jfc marckee


Your hair would be RADIANT if you washed it in soft water.


scratch the last three words and maybe