Your Location - Where are you now?



I’m sat frantically trying to get everything I need to do today done before heading into London. I’m at my kitchen table on the edge of London, beyond the Metropolitan line, not far from Yewtree.

Seems like a lot of new users posting in Scotland and Australia and Canada… so where are you all today?


WFH at my desk in my flat in Stoke Newington, peak LME


I am at home, and have definitely not left my house a target for burglars.


Flat. Sheffield. Not London


At work which is near Moorgate / Liverpool Street / a whole load of other stations.


I am at work near Moorgate. would much rather be WFH, although this way it is somewhat easier to go to the post-work drinks near Liverpool Street.


Within earshot of the bells of St. Anne’s Church, Shandon, Cork City.


Natural History Museum, wondering around the colour and vision exhibition with my wife. Interesting exhibition, but still the classic taxidermy horror fest I remember from coming here as a kid.


My desk, my office, my workplace, North Warwickshire


Somewhere in here


at my desk, at work, in Oxford




i like how i couldn’t work out exactly which part of Cambridge that was, but as soon as i expanded it and saw Nando’s i knew exactly.


Sports Interactive HQ, Old Street, London.


I’m going to the Cambridge Nando’s in two weeks’ time :ok_hand:


Brixton Costa - taking a break from my sweltering living room


i think the last time i was there was my sister’s first day back at uni after we helped her take some stuff up so 2005 or 2006? had to take a suitcase back with me, wheel broke outside Nando’s and had to lug it back to the station all broken. never used it again either, should have just ditched it.


Dover Street, London


I’m at my office on City Road. That city ladies and gentlemen? LONDON.


That’s a long walk to the station with a broken suitcase. I had to powerwalk my way to the station on Tuesday because some chump locked their bike to mine.