Your love is like bad medicine

Bad medicine is what I need

Why would anyone need bad medicine? In what sense would love be like bad medicine?

Thanks in advance


Taste like shit, cures your sickness though

End of thread

I thought it was a rollercoaster.

Well, when there ain’t no doctor that can cure a disease, you need to look at some other options.

Antibiotics give you thrush so they’re like a good but also bad medicine

Codeine makes you constipated

Love is a bad medicine

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I would still class that as good medicine. Whoooa.

Your love is like a medicine with some unfortunate drawbacks!


The medicine is bad

The consequences of taking the medicine are good

So you’re saying they chose the word love over antibiotics for scanning reasons?

Makes sense I guess.

I ate lots of kimchi after antibiotics because someone said fermented foods were good and after having your biotics fucked with. WQhoooa

Maybe they’ve got chlamydia?

Like maybe a medicine that makes that nobend in the US who charge loads supplies. Good consequences but tainted by his evil.

Is this written in English ?

How does one live on a prayer?

Maybe it’s just a medicine for ‘bad’.

“I’ve got a bad, doc”
“Here you are chum. Have some bad medicine.”


All the words are in English.

I don’t believe a steel horse would be practical transport.

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Oh that’s easy. You do that half way.
Half food/water; half prayer.

I thought it was a minestrone

edit: shit that’s life isn’t it (delete this post!)

A shot to the heart is murder, we shouldn’t focus on what this does to love’s reputation.

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