Your love is like bad medicine

It’s a battlefield!

that’s the one! Soup/place of fighting, so difficult to tell the difference.

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Love is an anchor that won’t let me go

It’s youth speak where bad actually means good, I believe Jon Bon Jovi was a youth at the time of writing.

Your love is like medicine with some common side effects


And it rhymes with hideous car wreck

Love is the side effect of the past, as it says on the label on the bottle.

Do anti depressants and painkillers count as medicine? I feel like colloquially they do. If so painkillers could be described as ‘bad medicine’ I suppose.

Dr Balonzjovi

There ain’t no paramedic
Gonna save this heart attack

Not even the world’s best paramedic.

And is the paramedic trying to save the heart attack, or the person having the heart attack?

Mr Jovi promises to be the air for you, but few organisms can breathe such a powerful/chunky substance undiluted. Can he therefore truly be there for you, if you are a typical human?

Yes. I have outed the board’s BJ superfan! Thread closed!


Happy to be of service.


In Pink and Blue by the Mountain Goats he sings about a baby who is “nine days old” but also about mashing up banana in a mug to feed to said baby - however, babies should not be fed anything but milk for several months after birth.

However I’ve just looked this up for this post and it turns out that John Darnielle has since admitted this lyric was a mistake on his part.

Indie prick! This thread is about the Jovi. Get him Shiggles.