Your mastermind specialist subject?


I was going to make this thread last night, but didn’t. Was prompted by @Smee’s TED talks thread.


Man Utd under Fergie
Original-run Futurama
The life and work of Louis CK


The Flaming Lips.


The UK Patents Act 1977.

Guaranteed to get the ratings through the roof, too.


The Beatles


The life and work of Ho Chi Minh


the collected works of Balonz


Not sure that will translate well to pre-watershed TV…


Richard Brautigan
Maybe The Smiths too


Steve Jobs


Blow Jobs


Lee Harvey Oswald


what’s your favourite brautigan book/poetry collection?


Peep Show


The Simpsons: 1989-1999
Yo La Tengo


The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster for poetry, Sombrero Fallout for prose
But I read the edna webster collection most recently and that’s got some of the best weird snippets of anything I’ve read by him


Probably quite embarrassingly it would be Los Campesinos.


The Office (UK)


just imagining John Humphry’s contempt as he reels off questions like ‘was it an album or a record?’ and ‘under what moniker did the Los Campesinos front man post at unpopular music forum drownedinsound’.


Crystal Palace Football Club 1987-2016