Your mates/family vs sporting events: a poll


re: the morning thread.

Your mate has had a [see below] booked in for some time now, but oh no, it’s the world cup final and England are only ruddy bloody in it and might bring it home!

The [see below] is in a place with absolutely no signal, and goes on for the duration of the match. There’s absolutely no way you can watch it, or even listen.

Which of these would you bail on:

  • Mate’s birthday
  • Mate’s kid’s birthday
  • Family member’s birthday
  • Family’s kid’s birthday
  • Parent’s 70th/landmark birthday
  • Parents’ 50th wedding anniversary
  • Funeral
  • Wedding

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(My sister has (extremely stupidly) booked her wedding for the date of next season’s FA Cup final and is (extremely clichedly) marrying a Liverpool fan. Stay tuned for very cliched conundrum next May!)


ooh this will be a great thread forthcoming. I’ll set my alarm!


Needs a none option


The arrogance of thinking those two teams will be in the final.


okay imagine a world where scotland would ever come close to this being possible and vote accordingly


You know you don’t have to vote in every poll right laelfs?


All of you voting in that poll are twats by the way


But how else can I show that I value friends and family more than sports?


Why would a funeral be booked so far in advance. Sinister


My other sister (who also clichedly married a Liverpool fan) rang up to tell me about her engagement as the League Cup final vs Tottenham kicked off to which I said (and I am extremely embarrassed and regretful about this) “OK, erm congratulations, the football is just kicking off though, can I ring you back?”

It was not an example of the kind of good brothering I am known for.


I’ll move yours so that it doesn’t clash with Sochi, friend.


And on a Sunday :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


you value your mates’ kids’ birthdays more than other things? Why? They’re like 1 years old they won’t give a fuck


By being really judgey and preachy about a hypothetical poll via some comments, maybe call us all twats or something? :wink:


Surely no one would want to go to a mate’s kid’s birthday, regardless of clashing with a sporting event


boom. great minds*

*see the things you have been slow to realise thread re: this phrase though


Guys I’m beeving ok. But yeah, if you’re ditching your mates to watch a game of football…


Not. Gonna. Happen.


Some English friends of mine got married the same day England won the Rugby Union World Cup. Everyone basically pissed off to the bar to watch the final. The couple were actually ok about this in fairness to them.