Your mobile phone

Tell me about its protection and accidents

  • Case for the back
  • Flip case for back and front
  • Glass screen protector
  • Plastic screen protector
  • Cracked glass of front of phone
  • Cracked glass of back of phone
  • Cracked screen protector
  • Other

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No case

No cracks or scratches


No case, had to replace the camera lens recently

I’m on my second replacement screen and that’s why my posts are so bad


Case, got screen protectors too but I’ve never applied one.

Never damaged a phone, no idea what the fuck everyone else is doing to theirs.

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I have a rather fetching light blue case for my phone which covers the back nicely. plus it matches one of my pairs of trainers, which is a bonus.

never used to get a case but after my last one slid out of my pocket when standing up and got a scuffed corner, I figured it was probably a decent idea

This one came with a back protector that I use

I don’t rate it much as a phone. It is slippery as an eel and I have dropped it far more than any other I own yet it remains uncracked.

No case, tiny hairline scratch on top right of screen

don’t be fooled by a screen with a crack
ive got a ive got a


my phone cost £15 I think, has had a cracked screen for ages, don’t like to use it so it works out fine

never bothered with cases but then i dropped my (then only month old) phone and it cracked the screen. quite a small crack and it was still fine, so just dealt with it. but then unrelated the charging port stopped working about a month after that. tried to take it back to the shop to get it warranted but they said because i’d fucked the screen it was now out of warranty. they wanted like 75% of the price of the phone to fix it. nightmare.

tried to tough it out for a few days but it was fucked so went back with the intention of paying for them to fix it but the lady that worked there wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t notice the cracked screen so said they’d fix it under warranty. jackpot. new phone.

after that i’ve put a case on it and haven’t dropped it.

haha can’t believe you read all that! what a boring post


My dad has one of those holsters on his belt for his


I never used to drop them but the centre of mass of this one (S8) is quite close to the end of my fingers so it feels unstable and I’ve dropped it loads.

realized last night i’ve started saying ‘movile’ instead of ‘mobile’ due to Spain.

fucks sake.

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Dropped a week old iPhone on my kitchen floor once and shattered the screen, have stuck a £2 plastic case from eBay on my phones ever since. Have dropped many times but never another crack.


Basic rubber case on the back. It’s second hand so has some minor scuffs on the bezel, no major scratches though, and no cracks / smashes. in fact, in 15 years or so of having a phone, I’ve never smashed a phone screen, which I am now surely fated to do.


I’m a few week off getting a new phone on my contract thank god, battery life is starting to suck a lot

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This is the first time I bought a phone outright in order to get myself out of an extortionate contract and I think I’m a lot more protective of my phone as a result.

How many phone’s have you lost?

  • None :sunglasses:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • Lost count

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I don’t lose things. Never seen the point, seems like it would be a lot of hassle