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it’s annoying when whoever releases a new phone and they give it all “ooh check out the design, it’s all mega fancy and swish” and it’s like aye, who gives a toss i have to wrap it in a shitey looking £2 cover forever otherwise if the wind changes direction on me it’s going to shatter into tiny pieces


It’s bloody awful. You just wanna go back in time and not be that dickhead who left it on the tube, in the portaloo, on that hill etc.

The euphoria you feel when you get one back though, almost makes it worth the pain.
Got mine back within half an hour of realising I’d lost it at Primavera this year. Was so happy, it felt like a miracle, a beautiful dream.
Left that same phone on the tube last Friday. Absolute dickhead.


Yeah this is particularly annoying about iPhones - mine is a pretty ‘rose gold’ but I’ve of course never even really seen the design because it’s got a pink flamingo cover made for pennies in China :thinking: wonder what’s it’s like being an iPhone designer knowing that no one will ever actually look at the design after the launch. How have we got to 2019 and this hasn’t been solved yet?


I’ve learned that a replacement screen costs £20 for my phone and its quite fun to do

I had a scratch on my screen that somehow became a crack during a flight the other day, figure that one out science nerds. But this means I get to replace my screen for twenty pounds

:musical_note: Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace :musical_note:


Never worked in a job with any form of physical labor?


Not answering.

The last time I bragged about not having a case, my excited waving of the phone around led me to drop it and crack the fucking thing.


Sometimes the shopping at my till in Tesco was quite heavy, thankyouverymuch.

Last night my girlfriend’s ipad dropped on the floor, and cracked my screen. Other than that I’ve had a pretty clean bill of phone health, but I’ve seen a fair share of phones being damaged/drowned when I worked in breweries

Used to work for an “invincible” phone case company and can confirm it’s a complete lie

Having said that we did send a phone down from a weather balloon on the edge of the atmosphere, and it landed in a field in Kent completely intact. It’s just at y’know table height you’re fucked.


can’t trust people who have cracked phone screens nowadays, what with all the protectors etc that you can get. Especially those that are really into new phones and spending a bomb on them and then getting them broken within a month

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woah! who did you really work for?

landed on some grass. massive whoop.

drop it on concrete and lets see what happens.

please don’t drop it on concrete :pray:


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Enjoyed this.

just play it straight