Your most complimented item

Let’s see your most complimented item (can include things in your home and pets)

Mine is my necklace


Are we allowed to compliment the complimented items in this thread?



If you like but that’s not the intent.

You do you babes

Probably some stupid guitar

stopped wearing this after people kept complimenting me on it :face_in_clouds:



Thank you

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Nice necklace!

Nice t-shirt!

This is gonna sound like a brag but it’s not and it freaks me out sometimes

Weirdly my skin/face looking a lot younger than I am.

Every time I meet someone new they don’t believe how old I am and then start asking about my skin regime (which is let a bit of shampoo and water fall on it while showering).

It gets like quite weird regularly irl and people on the apps ask if I’ve put my age in wrong.
Someone asked me what I was studying the other week, I’m 42.


Why stop wearing something you get complimented on :grinning::grinning:

Ever get asked to name 5 Taylor swift songs by teenage girls like the opposite of what happens to girls in ramones T-shirts?

This t-shirt


I would 100% stop wearing something that people kept complimenting


Nice t-shirt!

Honestly man. was at a beer festival one time and loads of people wanted to talk about it… like at least 10 times… some lasses wanted to take a picture of it and that. :sweat_smile:

(Id pass that test in a heartbeat :wink: )

My fingernails :roll_eyes:

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This is why wearing black t shirt and black jeans is so great

I’m gonna buy that tshirt

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i have a couple of funny t-shirts but i end up not wearing them because i can’t bear the idea of the possible attention

this is one of them!

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not an item but 100 percent the sausage dog

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