Your most cost-effective life improvement


i offer the speed peeler:


went without one for so many years. couldn’t see the point.

omg how wrong i was. so many wasted years. only a couple of quid too.


A decent iron, because time is money.


ikea extension cord with USB ports


yes! i’m into this


my iron cost a fiver from tesco about 10 years ago

should i be upgrading?


A revelation.


That just looks like a normal peeler. What’s the difference? Or do you just mean a y shaped one?


compared to one of these, I imagine:


Glad you’ve finally come round:


compared to a knife


Good shoes

Would rather starve for a week than buy cheap shoes now



Also: 10 mins of core-strengthening exercises every morning. Saved me hundreds of £s in physio fees


Not to mention:




i’m not quite sold on the squirty mop i have to say


look if you’re trying to say this thread has already been done to death then i don’t know what to tell you


juts peeled a butternut squash


easy as that.


what’s your routine / why do you think it saved you from the physio?


Peeling potatoes at all is a waste of time and effort


working 8-4 rather than 9-5