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Whetstone. Even a cheap one for around £20 seems to be able to get even cheapo knives lol-worthyly sharp. Nothing worse than preparing your dinner with blunt shit. Nothing better than slicing your tomatoes ludicrouslly thin.


ooh tell me more

better than using a steel?


YES finally someone with some sense

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what a pair of clowns here.

I have been mashing potatoes with the skin on for ages now

just eat 'em raw


would have been finished ages ago if you had bothered to peel them


i knew you were going to make this joke :expressionless:

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My understanding is that a steel hones an already sharp knife, but the whetstone actually removes material from the edge of a blade so you can turn a cheap tesco knife into a razor if you’re willing to put the effort into sanding the edge to a point. Someone can probably google the technical terms.

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Finally got a garlic crusher couple of months ago. No more mincing garlic using a knife like a grade A chump


*waits for the ‘marckee is replying’ notification*


that doesn’t make it right, now.

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I did my lower back about 20 years ago and was in and out of physio for ages. It would flare up at least once a year and required several sessions of physio each time. I found that basic ab and core strengthening makes a real difference. I haven’t needed physio for about 5 years now.

Start by lying flat and pulling my knee to my chin, ‘hugging’ my calf and pulling it into my chest to stretch my glute (3 each side)
I then raise my bum off the floor and push up into an arch (repeat 10 times)
Then I do:
flutter kicks (60)
knees to chest (30)
crunches (30)
twice over.
Finish up with a basic plank held for 90secs


A traditional smooth honing steel is of no use if the edge is blunt, because it removes no material; instead it fixes deformations along the edge of a sharp blade , technically known as burnishing.

A steel doesn’t sharpen at all! mindblown. It just realigns the edge.

But to hell with all that, the best sharpeners are these type of things:

Drag the knife through each side five or ten times, then go fuck up some salad.

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Here he is!

Those sharpeners are alright if you dont mind being laughed at as a noob by proper sharpenhedz.



The hedz can gtf or I will CUT THEM

And myself, as I’m deseeding a tomato

I keep thinking of doing this, but i get stuck at work enough as it is. I’d struggle trying to get away and work more.