Your most despised bus routes and why


Inspired by the commuting thread. We need a number, ideally a short description of the route and why you hate it. Possibly London-centric but all welcome!

Mine is the 43 (London Bridge-Friern Barnet) because the Holloway Rd section takes FOREVER and it’s a pain to get late at night because it takes ages to turn up and is then packed full of dicks. Also always swaps drivers mid journey.

Special shoutouts:
25 (central London to East London) - probably the bus I’ve had to abandon the most mid route to vomit :confounded:
838 (Cannock to Stafford) - infrequent, never appeared as timetable and would sometimes divert through Penkridge which was useless for me

Now you!


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All of them.

Stinking peasant wagons.


The 30 to Hackney Wick. Normally get it from Kings Cross and get off just after Dalsty J. Buses are older than Father Time and all of them honk. Thanks to Sadiq’s new hopper fare I get off at Angel now and get the much nicer 38 which drops me closer to my flat than the 30 ever could.


That hopper thingy is so great for my work (appointments at random properties in North London - usually always need at least two buses to get wherever I’m going).


ah, a post chaise person!



I harbour a hatred for the 43 as well from when Mrs HYG lived in Highbury and that used to be the “best” way back from around London Bridge. I swear I’ve waited fucking hours for one of those cunts to show up. Absolute agony.


Fucking hell, forgot the worst thing about the 30, goes through the absolute shitshow of a roundabout at Highbury and Islington station. Jesus wept, will they ever finish the roadworks there.


I’d love to participate, but as you say, this so-called “omnibus” technology hasn’t made it out into the provinces yet.

I look forward to participating in the “Your most despised horse-drawn cart routes and why” thread.


Worst is anything that goes along euston rd, 73 being the worst offender. Wonder how many hours i’ve wasted on that bus.
But also the 106 for having the most ridiculous wait times.


What the fresh hell is this


It’s a nang way of saying Dalston Junction Geoffrey.




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You presumably mean after the tubes stopped because only a truly masochistic person would use the 43 instead of the tube.


It is a horrorshow. If i don’t have any headphones at that point I usually start losing my mind.


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And to you and yours chief. Have a lovely New Year, look forward to engaging with you on further topics in 2017.