Your most despised bus routes and why


Bit cheaper getting a bus though


Why would you not use the tube instead of the 43, though?

All buses are awful and only used when a tube isn’t viable.


What do you want me to do Theo, get the Central line to Bethy G and walk? Fuck that man.


Then it’s the cheapest route but never the best. The only time a bus is the best route when a tube could do it is if you have a genuine issue to block you using the tube, e.g. physical or mental health.

For the former I wish TFL would prioritise better access.


11 - birmingham outer circle. Not lived there for 5 years, may no longer exist idk
Seemed particularly prone to the wait ages and 3 come along at once effect, possibly due to the circular route.
Used to have to get it to work if my car was in the garage and it was a reliable way of making my usually 20min journey take an hour and a half


Sounds like this is covered by the tube not being viable? Like when I lived in Mile End and wanted to get to Holloway, 277 + bus up Holloway Road was easier in most cases than the tube due to all the walking and changing.


my two least favourites are:

  • 343, which goes between City Hall and New Cross Gate. used to live just north of Peckham and this bus went down my road so was our main route to work, but it a) never turned up on time b) never turned up c) was always busy to the point it often wouldn’t bother even stopping at my stop. occasionally i would get the 343 from Peckham to New Cross Gate and the windy bit after Peckham Rye took FOREVER, probably not actually that far but seemingly went down every single road round there
  • N87, which goes between Aldwych and Kingston. i have still never been on this and successfully got to the end without being sick, usually in Wimbledon. this may not be the bus’s fault, but still.


Yeah I’m not really into loads of changes if I’m honest.


Used to have to catch that home from school and as you say, was an absolute nightmare for busses going missing and then a load turning up together.


Tbf, when I’m flush I would sometimes rather get on the northern line in zone 3 in order to avoid it. Also, as @Jeremys_Iron hinted, getting to out of the way places is easier.


You know what they say about London Birmingham buses…!


Definitely the fault of the bus.