Your most expensive pint (spin-off thread)



  • must be a pint
  • must be “beer”, not some gold laced honeydew mead or whatever bollocks you tried in belgium
  • including location optional


had two that cost £6.50

  • sierra nevada harvest at the lexington, so include LME tax in that
  • had some IPA by left handed brewery from bristol while i was in yorkshire, and that were 6.50. bit of a ripoff but nice nonetheless.


Almost certainly something in the Dovetail, but I’m not sure if that falls under your, “gold laced honeydew mead or whatever bollocks you tried in belgium” category though.


Honestly can’t think of an occasional where I’ve paid more than £5.50 (at the Sky Garden, for a Carlsberg, ahahahaha).

At that level for a pint, I’ll usually go for 2/3rds or halves or bottles or whatever. I’m a slave to the pint no longer.

Paid £25 for a 660ml bottle of beer the other week though.


Spend £5.10 on a pint of Meantime Pale last week in north London.
Spend similar if not more on an APA at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell once that they recommended when the cheaper one I asked for was off (of course they did).


Pretty sure £5.40 for something like Yardbird or Blue Moon at the Green Man in Winchester. Bought two and definitely forked over more than a tenner. Stuck to Becks after that.


Probably £6 or something when I was in that London. Brooklyn Lager I think.


remember singapore being really expensive to drink. can’t remember how much though. £7 a pint maybe? idk


can’t remember. just over £5 probably. london, maaaaan.


Actually, it was a pint in Dublin. £8, maybe. More expensive than Sweden or Iceland.


Had a pretty ordinary one in Oslo for about £8



about £6 for a pint in beagle in chorlton. it was a paprika ipa or something? it wasnt even that nice, really smoky and sort of beefy flavoured. id had enough by halfway


why would you buy a paprika ipa, maaaaan?


Probably £5-5.50


Temple Bar strikes again.


Most I’ve ever paid was €8.50 in the centre of Paris. I think it could have been an Amstel. I got done there good and proper.


I think I’ve inadvertently misread the price per half as the price per pint and ended up being too polite to refuse the £8+ pint I ordered a few times.




craft beer co. is terrible for this


Funnily enough I was thinking of their Brixton branch when typing this…